Monday, December 13, 2010

I've fallen off the wagon!!

the wagon of writing that is! You ALL know how it goes; blink your eyes and a week has flown by. I really can't believe that Christmas is coming so quickly! And I've gotten very little done. Years past by this time I would have all my shopping done, all my Christmas cards sent, and all the cookies made. I've gotten some shopping done but no cards or cookies made and sent. Guess I'd better get a step on it right!!

I had joined the Reverb10 at the end of November and participated in 5 of the writings. It became a bit overwhelming with all I had on my plate (which I didn't take into consideration when I signed up) and the prompts gave me a flash back to high school writing. Don't get me wrong the Reverb10 is a great writing tool, I just couldn't get myself to force the writing (which is what it clearing felt like for me with all that's going on).

So, I'm back to writing sporadically. When I got something to write, I'll write. If not, it'll be quiet for a jiff. I will say that I would like to write a post on procrastination and avoidance. I have huge issues in this department that I need to address and figure out how to get past. I want the best for me (and my family) and my best involves getting physically in shape. NOT just getting into shape mentally/emotionally. And I've been avoiding the exercise area of life.

I am very happy to report that I am staying consistent with weight watchers and losing weight. I'm averaging about 1.5 pounds a week and very thankful that I've not gained. I probably should prepare myself for a week of gain but I'm not. I'll cross that bridge if I get there. Even if I lose 1/2 a pound it's a good week (hell even if it is .2 loss I'm happy). I'm so pleased with my progress that when asked "what do you want for Christmas" I asked for "weight watchers money". I hate to be this way but as I explained to my Step Mom..I need to continue this program; I want to do this program. I don't want gift cards for clothes or whatever; I don't plan on being this size for much longer (matter of fact I'm about to trade in my 18's for 16's) and I don't need anything else. It cost money to do this program (although I wonder if I am saving on food by sticking to weight watchers because I now only buy what I'm going to eat and have been skipping the junk-I've not bought anything, let it go bad, and had to toss it) and it isn't "cheap". Yes it's managable with the funding I have BUT a gift card from ww would be awesome!! :O)

Have a great week...the pug is itching for me to play with him!


  1. Congratulations on your consistent weight loss! I know that must be a great feeling each week. I know what you mean about the Christmas can be hard to get people from the idea of giving you a lot of "stuff" to giving you what you really need/want.

  2. That's great about the consistency.. I wish I had that right now.. :(

    But I get why you would ask for WW Money.. it'd be like they were helping you along.. and I agree about the clothes.. I am keeping all the tags on my clothes that I get, and I plan to get smaller sizes.. as my mom is kinda in denial about my size, i think..

    Good luck with your Christmas plans.. I'm sure you'll do great and not gain anything.. :)

  3. Awesome job on your plugging away. Sweet! And moving from 18's to 16's is super cool!! Way to go. I hear ya on focussing on the food and staying on plan. It sure takes focus but it's so worth it. I commend you girl... you are an inspiration. I hope you can also enjoy the Christmas season without too much worry about getting everything done. :) It's all about the "peace" right? I'm trying to remember that!! lol

    Take care!

  4. Keep on keepin' on!!! You are doing GREAT! Thank you for the motivation!!!!!!
    Have a pretty day!

  5. what an amazing gift that would be from your family, and what an amazing request to not be selfish but to put yourself and your health first! love it!
    Congrats on your losses, thanks for stopping by. I lost 80 pounds on ww, maintained for a year, and am ready to get to goal, that's why I rejoined.
    Looking forward to following your journey!