Thursday, December 2, 2010

Dec 2 Day 2 Prompt and WW PointsPlus

Ok...Day 2 of the Reverb10 Project. The prompt is:
Writing. What do you do each day that doesn't contribute to your writing -- and can you eliminate it?
I started this post hours ago, in between work projects. Of course work for me always trumps writing projects because my job doesn't require creative writing. And I can't afford not to work a "regular" job to get my "writing" career off the ground. Besides, how much money could I really make from MY writing? However, if we are to be really honest, time could be made for writing if I didn't procrastinate so. Most things I do during the day could contribute to writing if I really put some effort into it. But I'm a procrastinator. I can find many other things, both useless and useful, to do with my time. So if I really want to improve my writing I need to write SOMETHING every day. Just like in a journal. Or my blog! :O)
Weight Watchers Points Plus
So the new Weight Watchers PointsPlus has been rolling (officially) since Monday. I very much like the changes and can't wait to see the outcome! For the most part my food choices haven't changed too much in points. And with the 30 points daily I get I feel like I don't have to stress out on how I'm going to feel satisfied hunger wise with so little points. I've been eating more fruit and less 1 point snacks. But time will really tell on how I adapt to the new system. Any of you other WW's have any input? How are you fairing?


  1. I listened to a radio host (Dr Laura) who was talking to a caller about procrastination. She said procrastination equals avoidance. Said there is some reason why the caller was avoiding getting their tasks done. If I remember right, the caller was avoiding success or better yet, avoiding failure!

    For me, the fear of failure or achieving perfection keeps me from pursuing my dreams!!! I am turning that around by getting myself out there and doing what I'm want/need to do. If I succeed great! If not, I'm going to keep trying until I get there. No more sitting around wondering or hiding...I'm doing it!

    Just my thoughts!!

    Keep focused!!!

  2. Wonderful insight (and I love Dr. Laura)...and a great topic (avoidance) for a future post. Sadly, I procrastinate on many things/issues in my life. I need to get to the root of it...

    Thanks for the input and yes, let's keep focused!