Saturday, January 1, 2011

It's a brand new year!!

In case you all don’t know-I’m looking forward to the New Year. I have always liked New Years (not as in the day itself or the excuses it used to give to party but the year as a WHOLE) because of the endless possibilities that I feel await me. But this coming year seems like it is going to be even more special. I can feel it in the depth of my soul. I’ve been happier in the last few month, something I never knew I would feel (remember-“hope for the best/prepare for the worst”). The excitement is practically seeping out of my pores that’s how excited I am. I know that NO MATTER what happens (good or bad); I will be OK because I am strong.

Winter Wonderland Warriors, Week One of 2011:

  1. What are your ten goals for the WWW challenge?
  2. Why did you choose them? 
  3. Are you making a New Year’s Resolution beyond the WWW challenge?
  4. What does this challenge mean to you?
  5. Fun Question of the Week: What did you do when the clock struck midnight on New Year’s Eve?
 As previously stated, I am joining Amy (and friends) in the Winter Wonderland Warriors event. Directly above is the Week one agenda. I’ve posted my goals to the right side of the page (opposite of my weight loss goals) and will update them in red as progress is made. 2. I chose these goals (1. to the right) because my life isn’t all about losing weight. My life involves healing, forgiveness, preparing, motivation, learning to socialize, and the list goes on and on. This challenge (4.) gives me the opportunity to be set attainable goals, converse with others, and hold myself a little more accountable than I would if I were just setting New Years Resolutions. I’ve set New Years resolutions before and don’t consider this challenge to be a New Years Resolution. To be honest, I don’t understand New Years Resolutions (3.and so I don't make them). They always seem to get broken. I can’t afford (mentally, emotionally, financially) to let my list of 10 goals to be broken…All those goals are attainable. I may not do them as good as someone else in the world but I can do them the best I can. All I’ve got to do is just do them. NO more excuses.

And for the fun question of the week (5. and fun picture)…LOL (laughing out loud) I’m normally sleeping at midnight on New Year’s Eve. Try as I might I don’t always make it to the stroke of midnight. If by some slim chance I do, I’m normally watching a movie or HGTV. But this year, this year was slightly different. The hubs surprised me with tickets to a hockey game. I got dolled up (I looked HOT) and saved some points for snacks. Our seats were really close to the ice. So from 730 to 1030 we were out at the game. It was AWESOME!! Then we came home, hunkered down and watched the ball drop; twice. At midnight (central time) we smooched and wished each other a happy new year. It was a very very nice way to see 2011 come in.

 At the game store, I got me a new hat. Yes I said that I would "spend less, save more" (technically the challenge hadn't started yet) but I could NOT pass up this hat! It was a steal of a deal ($10)...Don't I look cute!!!

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