Monday, March 18, 2013

treadmill and internet time

ok first, before I forget, what the hell is bloglovin?

I'm walking, typing, and watching the very end of Biggest Loser.  Dang...Da girl won by one pound! Year of the women...That Gina? lady won the at home and then Danni the big prize. Maybe it's a sign...year of the women? Or maybe it's always been the year of the woman and we are just now standing up and taking our just desserts?

I really dig this treadmill workstation set up. Sadly this is the first time I've used it since setting it up.  I've had some kind of weird head thing going on...not sure if it's sinus/allergy or a cold.  I've been treating it like both and taken a lot of crap in an attempt to rid myself of it. I can finally breathe again and not have to blow my nose every two minutes. Of course now something is giving me hella gas...very nice...not!! Oh so smelly gas ugh.

Now that I'm feeling better I would appreciate if the weather would cooperate! Opening day is like 2 weeks away and I am not looking forward to being wet and pretending to be happy for 6 hrs.  Hubs LOVES opening day festivities and I REALLY want to make it a pleasurable trip for him...I can be such a downer when I'm grumpy (grumpy because I'm cold and wet).  I would also like to get outside more and walk the trails.  I didn't use to mind going out when it was cold and wet but dang...this last winter just didn't do it for me. 

alright so no real ideas are coming to me. Have a great week.

And before I go I'll leave you with another picture taken from the new camera...

My lil man Fredbird...


  1. Trainer time is good Internet time for me. Not blogging, NYC you know I'm way to wordy to write my posts on my iPhone while I pedal, but blog reading / face booking. I'm spoof ready for spring weather too. Spent too much time outside cold over the past couple weekends. Well, last weekend was fun; this last one, not so much. C'mon warm weather!!

  2. i dont know a couple i follow said i'd have to follow on bloglovin and i'm like ummmmmmmm no, no i dont i have too many things to follow now!