Monday, March 11, 2013

how fast can you walk and type?

Trying something new today...I must be the queen of multitasking (even though studies say multitasking is not as efficient as once claimed) I am walking on my treadmill will attempting to type on my computer. I can tell you right now that I need to clip my nails. The dogs are looking at me "like really? We sleep on the couch until you have to go to work!!"

Anyhow...I knew I had to do something about being so "sedentary" while at home and why not try and type on my blog and walk (at least until I can re-make walking a habit). So far I have walked a quarter of a mile at a 1.3 pace. yes...that's slow. BUT I am walking...I know...sad.

Ok, trip to DC done. Had safety officer training; a two day training which one day was canceled due to snow. Figures that a place that has never canceled classes due to snow before has to cancel a day when I get there. They crammed two days into one and I'm thankful for the cd they sent with us. I now know that my office has a few violations that I need to correct. I enjoyed my trip even missing a day of training because I got to hang out with my sister from another mister and eat sushi till I busted at the seems. I also racked up some frequent flier miles in which I can exchange for short magazine subscriptions. Doesn't take much to please me.

My trip to Daytona the week before training was fun.  Would have been more fun had I not had to switch hotels so often.  Not too sure why my friend wanted to have two diff hotels to start with (which ended up being 3 due to a roach in our room EEWWW) BUT I'm taking over hotel reservations for next year. Matter of fact I've taken over the itinerary.  I need structure.  period.

which is what I've learned from my jet setting experiences these last few weeks. Itineraries, structure, organization are ALL my friends. And I enjoy their company. I'm not sure how I am going to keep myself in's so easy to stray while at home. How do you folks stay on task/schedule? surely there is a "secret" you'd like to share???  Some things I have discipline for, others not so much. and time management is one of those "not so much". 

Haven't had much time to play with camera...the few pictures I've taken though are wonderful!!


  1. glad you had a good time and mayhaps i need to borrow a page from you and structure SOMETHING! lmao winging it gets "flighty" lmao

  2. I love the pretty picture of the azalea bush!

    1. did you see the very cute lizard on the branch?