Monday, March 25, 2013

Changes are in the why is it still snowing!?

Wow...went out for my Jelly Bean virtual Speed Photo Walking 10k Saturday and it was like this...

And then yesterday...the clouds opened up and did this...

WTF? Check please...I need to leave now before I get snowed in! I'm just thankful that I did the 10k on Saturday cuz 6 miles on the treadmill not so nice right now.

Last week I signed up for a beginners photography class...taught by a local professional photographer...and the class meets at the zoo.  The class is supposed to help me get more familiar and comfortable with my new camera.  I've read the manual and let's just say that my eyes glassed over.  Sadly the class is not until May 4th...

I'm watching the Voice while typing this and walking on the treadie...Adam L. is just soooo friggin hot. so so hot.

Ok...the Jelly Bean virtual Speed Photo Walking 10k went very well. I was a bit surprised at my pace for walking (about 4.9 mph). I knew I wasn't up for running but I knew I needed "influence" which is why I turned it into Speed Photo Walking. You've heard of speed dating right? Well, speed photo walking is similar except I didn't "stop" to take photos. I walked really fast and snapped away....and I got some really nice photos. Sadly when you are walking a trail you don't always see anything different and the photo's all begin to look alike.  But I did get some nice scenery shots...

My legs are still hurting in certain areas (hips) but it's only temporary. I'm glad that I am finally up and moving. Now if I could just be more accepting of how I look right now and remember that I am working towards being healthier. And remember that even when the scale doesn't move it doesn't mean I should give up and start eating shit. I've been eating really well lately, lots of veggies and fruits.  I've been drinking more water too...but sadly it doesn't look like I will make my 4% goal for the dietbet. Too little too late I supposed. Had I became more active right at the beginning I may have met my goal. I don't know...I can only speculate. and I'm trying not to be sad about it.  I don't want a quick fix; I want a permanent fix. Something that may help me avoid a heart attach, stroke, diabetes, etc etc.

I would like to become more active in my goal setting...and that will take confidence. I would also like to work on making these healthy changes more second nature (which I think they are, food wise)...always a work in progress ya know. Building confidence and taking charge..."driving your own car towards your destiny". Being accountable and knowing when to forgive. Harboring no anger; embracing challenge.

treadstation workout I'm up to  2.6 mph when typing; 3.0 while reading. Have a great week.


  1. I know that when I started losing weight it took a while of doing the "right" things before it started coming off. And then this weekend kind of shot things to shit, but I'm back on track now. You're on track now...that's what counts. You do the "right" things more and more often, and you're going to meet your goals, and even if it's not as soon as you long as it happens is what counts, right?

    Way to go on the TM speeds!

  2. What a difference a day makes! Not sure I would be able to walk that fast on the treadmill and still type. That's pretty good!