Thursday, March 21, 2013

Drawing a blank....

My brain is not here right now...kindly leave a message and it will get back to you when it decides to return.

I had so much on my mind earlier...ok maybe not but I was so looking forward to coming into my girl cave and walking on my treadstation while typing away.  I have managed to read a few blog posts of others and leave comments so not all is lost.

Did I ever tell you about my girl cave? A place I created in our not so climate controlled sunroom...a place I can hide, watch tv, read or exercise (there's a stationary bike in here too). it also has my crapbooking stash and the of my mom and some sports memorabilia. It also houses my curio cabinet with wedding stuff.  For such a small room there's a lot of things in here and isn't smothering! OH there is an end table and a wicker loveseat I snuck inside when the hubs wasn't looking.

Anyhow...a quiet place for me to hang out.  Hubs rarely comes to the door...I think he knows better. Besides baseball season is upon us and he won't miss me which is fine because I'm still diggin this treadstation...I'm up to 2.5 mph and typing. Not as quickly as before BUT still typing. Now to find my words!!!

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