Thursday, December 22, 2011

21 Things continued....

10. I love to make lists. I like setting goals. Making lists and setting goals (regardless of attainment) give me a sense of control in such an uncontrollable world!

11. It would be so much easier to NOT watch what I eat. Crappy food is cheaper and easier to come by…
12. I suffer from the “chronic blues” (also known to some as depression). I don’t take medication for it; although in the past I gave it a shot. The mediation helped at first. Then “those” feelings crept back in and all the the dr wanted to talk about “The lil girl inside” (Yes I am rolling eyes at that). Then my insurance ran out and the pills were going to be like $120 a month and who knows what the office visit was going to be. I quit taking them cold turkey; yes-big NO NO but it did teach me a valuable lesson about drugs and reliance. These days I search for “natural” blues busters. Exercising and half marathons are a couple of them and most of the time "all is good in my world."
13. I love the number 13…always have.
14. I can’t hardly believe Christmas is just 3 days away. Ok, 2 and some change.

15. My years are not January to December. Somehow, especially when it comes to setting goals, it’s October to September…
16. I’m not fond of Christmas. Christmas is overwhelming to say the least. And OF COURSE right after Christmas is New Year’s and while I’m excited about the NEW part (despite “my” year being Oct to Sept) it makes me anxious.

17. I LOVE getting older. The older I get the more comfortable, confident, and outgoing I become. Ok, maybe not “outgoing” but I’m more willing to try new and different things. There’s too many opportunities available to stay hiding and timid and anxious and with your head in the sand.
18. I got the most adorable Christmas card in the mail today from a coworker that works out of our KC area office. Totally out of the blue and I’m totally grateful. I am the POC for a computer program that doesn’t really work 100%. There’s been a shit load of hiccups this past year and I’ve gotten a shit load of phone calls (not all nice). For 98% of the calls I’ve kept my composure and not snapped or cursed (until I got off the phone). This coworker wanted me to know that she recognized my patience and appreciates it. How’s THAT for AWESOME!
19. Still not fond of Christmas despite the awesome card.
20. I bought my treadmill 2 years ago and have used it a whopping 10 times. Ouch.
21. I was baptized Catholic; brought up Christian; Confirmed Lutheran at 25. I haven’t told my folks yet but I’m considering going back to the Catholics.

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  1. Great list! We are similar in a lot of ways. I like lists, too. I'm not so good at getting items crossed off, but I like making them. :)

    You're so right on with #11. My ability to make good food choices plummets the more tired I get, so lately has just been one unhealthy thing after another.

    Christmas has totally stressed me out. I am feeling a bit better about it now that most of my shopping is finished. Thank goodness for Christmas break.

    I've definitely found that my moods stay significantly better when I am active. Having the house neat and organized helps a lot too, but that part of the equation is generally a big fail.

    And #17. YES! At my 20 year reunion this summer, one of the girls said something about some of the girls (like me) having grown into our looks. That sounds a little snarky, but it's pretty true in my case. I've definitely gotten more comfortable with myself and in being myself around other people and not being so afraid to try new things (aka potentially fail).

    Anyway, Christmas stress or no, I hope yours is a wonderful one!