Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Nope...not today....

Ummm so, I got up at 530 as planned. Took the dogs out as planned. Never made it to the treadmill though. But I DID stay in the upright position. And I took the pups for a mile walk (vs their normal 1/2 mile) before work. So I might be making progress. or am I making excuses again (as I cringe and slowly back away from the computer)?

So how long before a "routine" is set? gonna have to stop dancing away from the treadmill. What's wrong with it? does it...smell? I dunno...I really don't know. It's a nice treadmill...only two years old...has presets and intervals (sp?)....it doesn't have a name though..could that be the problem? I don't like it because I don't know it's name?


  1. I dunno.... I have a treadmill that is getting neglected too. At least you took the dog for an extra long walk! That's something, girl!! :)


  2. I have found that I need to push myself for 3 weeks before it becomes routing. As to the treadmill, I put it in the living room facing the tv. I listen to music but mute the tv and put captions on. Reading all that text and watching an interesting show helps get my mind from being bored.

    Best shows to watch? Most dumbest and Most Daring types.. they are mindless to watch and not endless streams of text that you end up missing half of it.

    Give the treadmill a male name.. then you can say "I'm doing to put jim through a workout" or "I am going to get on jim and work up a sweat" :)