Monday, December 5, 2011

My time flies...

…I’d say “when we’re having fun” but truthfully-that saying is a crock o’poo! I’m not saying that I don’t “have fun” but fra’zizzle-not on a minute by minute basis. Especially when I’m you know where, with a you know who, up my you know what. No-I’m not talking about the hubs. I’m talking about HIM. The one I have the deal with 8hrs a day 5 days a week. I’m very thankful I LOVE my job cuz if I didn’t I’d tell that one off and walk away.

Anywho…on a happier note I’ve gotten approval through work to apply for “outside” employment. I’ve submitted my resume’, transcripts, application etc to my Alma mater for an online teaching position. So fingers crossed that a position comes open for me to teach. I’ll be using the extra money to pay off the credit card bills, then to pay off my student loans. If I’d known who well teaching their paid I would have applied sooner. Seriously-it’s that great. To me anyhow considering I don’t have to leave home to do it. I can send the hubs to bed on Friday night and stay up ALL night grading etc. Speaking of hubs he ticked me off when I was explaining the hiring process. Told him there is a 2 day workshop in Columbia that I’ll need to go to and then “shadow” someone for 3 weeks on the D2L. He was miffed that that was “all” the experience needed to teach and what a crock and how he’ll never take another online class because “no wonder his online experience sucked before.” I wanted (and tried) to explain to him that you have to have a degree for what your teaching but I decided it wasn’t worth the argument. I don’t want him in my class anyway!

I know that it’s already the 5th of December but it’s time to go over November goals and decide on December goals. Looking back I seem to have done better than I thought. I had four (4) goals (run/walk 50 miles, de clutter file cabinet, paint bathroom, and apply to cc). I completed two of the four and about half of one of the others. Not bad…can you guess which ones got completed? Go ahead-guess. I’ll send those who guess correctly a lil surprise (you’ll have to send me your address of course).

Ok for December…what to do what to do….

  • Review my spending and outline a budget for 2012
  • Get charitable contribution list for 2011 taxes typed
  • Be done with “Christmas” shopping and mailing by the 15th of Dec
  • Stop, Shut up, Listen, breath, breath, then respond
  • Journal/blog 17 days in December

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