Sunday, January 1, 2012

Amazing way to start the year!

Happy New Year Everyone! I've missed you all dearly this last week and some change but I've not had anything fun to say. But today, TODAY that is all different. I got a shit-ton to say so pull up a chair (BTW-I've had 6 cups o coffee today; 4 in the last 5 hrs. this for a 2 cup o day gal!).

First things first. I started this new year running. Yes running. I participated in a local running "club" "Snowball Series" 5k. For a gal who hasn't "ran" since April-I did real good. a) I finished without collapsing on the pavement b) I did it in 41 minutes.

2ndly-I signed up for a "challenge" on facebook introduced to me by Tara Costa; a former biggest loser contestant and probably one of my fave contestants. The challenge was/is for however many "likes" my honor post got I had to run that many miles in Jan and Feb in honor of that like. Kind of funny; kind of sad. Out of 135 on my facebook page only 20 liked my post. (so far) :O( so instead of divvying them out between the two months I will do 20 miles each month. Hee hee that means for Jan I only have 17 more miles to do!!

Ok, now down to business. Reflecting on 2011. I didn't write out any goals for 2011 last January (or Dec 2010 for that matter) and only had one "mental goal"  for the year and that was to improve on myself. And I succeeded.  It was a really good year for me regarding self improvement. Besides, by not writing out any new year goals I didn't have much to live up to ha ha ha ha. Ha. Anyhow I managed to lose 30 lbs, improve finish times on all the races I participated in, stop smoking, and put me first more often then caving to anothers wishes. I also feel that I am stronger emotionally and have gained more self confidence.

For the future. Back in September I started reflecting on the year to come. I took into consideration what I had wanted from the last year (Improvement on myself) and on whether or not I wanted to keep the the focus for the year to come. But the reality of it is; you (me) can't STOP working on last year because it's a new year. But you (me) also can't keep just THAT as the main focus. So, for 2012 the focus is not only on me (and improving on myself) but focus will also be put on my financial situation. I sound stupid don't I. I think I need to be more specific. So here goes, the goals I chose between Sept and Nov 2011 for all of 2012 (I'm trying to get back on the Jan to Dec year rather than Oct to Sept).

Goals/things to do between Jan 2012 and Dec 2012:
  • Save $1000 for an emergency fund
  • Join Planet Fitness to run during lunch (mark this one done-they had deal that if you paid for yr up front b4 12/31 it was only $99 for the entire yr)
  • Read 2 books a month
  • pay off 50% of my debt (which includes student loans but not mortgage)
  • participate in 12 5k's (virtual counts) and 2 1/2 marathons (completed 1st 5k today-11 more to go)
  • attend an estate sale
  • obtain part-time employment
  • lose the last 30lbs
Ha ha...Nothing too strenuous.... It's going to be another great year...

p.s. does anyone know how to put "tabs" on your blog so that I can put more things up on my blog?


  1. Those all sound like great goals and things you can accomplish. 2012 should be wonderful for you!

    To put tabs on your page, go into "layout," find "pages," and set as top tabs. If you need more details I can try to help you, but those are the basics. Good luck! I know it takes me awhile of playing around to figure these things out. Hopefully you are better at it than I am!

  2. Wow... you are on fire girl! Great way to start the new year with a 5k!! 41 minutes is awesome! You have some gutsy goals for 2012 and I love it! You go girl! I will be here cheering you on!

    I signed up for a 1/2 marathon and I'm excited and nervous to do that. But I love how you have 12 5k's you're going to do.

    Keep smiling!

  3. The tabs thing: go into "Design" button on main Blogger page, then "add a gadget", and the thing you want to add is "Pages".. :)

    All the "other stuff": sounds like you had a pretty good year, and are going into the new one with a great start.. I can't wait to see what you do this coming year.. :)

  4. Your goals always inspire me. Especially the financial ones. You made big progress on your goals over the year, at least it sure seemed that way reading your blog, and being able to draw your line in the sand over the holidays and stick to it was major.

    I love your race outfit. How cute! And congratualations on not collapsing and 41 minutes. Awesome!

    BTW, people ride the Tour de Donut on ANYTHING from Wal-Mart/Target mountain bikes to fancy road bikes. It's a lot of fun, and it's the craziest thing to line up in (or at the back of, like I've done the past few years) that huge pack of riders.

  5. sounds like great do-able goals. i know you're gonna rock 2012!

  6. dang you started off 2012 with a BANG!!
    it was more a whimper here---Im off to change that this morning :)


  7. Love your goals and way to go on that race!!!!! Get it girl!