Friday, June 24, 2011

Just like new....

The sun is FINALLY OUT!!! Thank you Lord! I was getting a serious case of the crabbies. By the way…to everyone on my “worth the read list” I AM reading your blogs…I just can’t seem to post a response on all of them. I think blogger hates me…sometimes I can comment, sometimes not so much. For whatever reason it doesn’t always recognize that I am logged in to blogger. SOMETIMEs I have to post incognito..stealth like…Under just tori but no picture icon that easily let’s you know just who Tori is.

The weather this last week has be incredible. It’s amazing how much better one feels when the weather is nice (warm but not too warm, cool but not too cool, and air quality is AMAZING TOO-I can breathe without a boat load of allergy meds!). I’ve even been inspired to exercise a few days this last week. Hell, the DOG even felt inspired to exercise!

Looking at my June bucket list I see that I’m slacking a lil. I did host a birthday party for the hubs (who also chose to be sick that day) and finished reading one of my books. But I haven’t done any 5ks…and I’ve got a week to get 3 5k’s in! I’ll be working on the border this weekend…hopefully the hubs will get some paint for his room while I’m doing that! The grizzlies game and new local attraction isn’t gonna pan out. I’ve got too much to get done in this next week and besides…I was “inspired” to really look at my budget….which there wasn’t really one and now there is. I’ve opted to stop spending so much money and pay off a few things before any big purchases (like a new car or vacation).

I’m not doing bad on the weight loss front. I’m still losing (ever so slowly) and I REALLY love how I’m beginning to look. I also LOVE how I feel and how my confidence is making a return. I’m taking a cue for Timothy on focusing on me and removing myself from outer drama. And I refuse to feel bad about it (besides I don’t see/hear anyone feeling guilty for not working the road both ways as it pertains to seeing more of myself and my husband). I am feeling so much better since my last post that I’ve started on my “motivational/emotional goal setting” calendar. I’m using in part information provided by The Happiness Project by Gretchen Rubin and idea/theme provided by the Weight Watcher monthly motivational hand out. It’s a Calendar with one new “goal” each week. Part way through some of the weeks (ones that I feel may be more trying) I have typed lil “pick me ups” focused on helping me achieve these goals. At the beginning of the month I have found a quote that gives an “overall” inspiration to the final desired, outcome of the month. These calendars will be mainly for mental/emotional goals I’d like to obtain/reach. Make sense? If not no biggie..I know I’m aiming for!! :O)

A look at what's to come in July....


  1. fabulous! and i got name dropped (YEAH ME!) lol check out louise hay from hay house on FB she does daily motivational/inspirational quotes and i enjoy them ever so! xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo