Sunday, June 12, 2011

BYOC...Bring Your Own Crazy --two days late!! :O)

It’s Friday so that means it’s BYOC day – Bring Your Own Crazy….to five questions we all answer in an effort to get to know each other better and to give our blog brains a break! Copy and paste to your own blog and ENJOY!

1. How and why did you first start blogging? And how long have you been blogging?

I had started blogging many many years ago (like early 2000-2001) and kept it going for a few months. But then I made the mistake of letting my father know the link and felt like I couldn't write anything without being critiqued and continually corrected for my writing. Took all the fun and therapy out of it so I stopped. Then in December of 2009 I decided I needed a place to write openly, an outlet of sorts to release the feelings in side me so that I could grow and heal and become a healthier individual. My journey in bloggy land has been wonderful and I've been doing it ever since.
2. Tell me about your perfect mate – if you could invent him/her?

There is no such thing as perfect so there is no point in "inventing" him. While I do have a fabulously wonderful husband-he is far from perfect! :O)

3. Do you wear fake eyelashes? Do you want to? Do you use glue or self-stick ones? Do you like how they look?

I would love to wear fake eyelashes but I don't know how to put them on. Thankfully my real lashes "aren't" bad but I would love to have some longer fuller lashes!

4. Let’s say money was no object and neither was time off to recover – are you an advocate of plastic surgery after weight loss?

I have no objections to plastic surgery, especially after weight loss, as long as it is well thought out and not done to make you look "unnatural". I have considered plastic surgery after getting to my ideal weight (and staying there) for my boobs. I've ALWAYS had large boobs but they used to seem "perkier". After gaining too much weight and getting a lil older then losing some weight they seem to be drooping. I don't like drooping. But I don't know....I'm not at that point yet...

5. Repeat question. Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

Blog Land: It's been slow going. I've been reading blogs but not writing posts of my own (nor responding to many posts that I read). Things just seem to be soooo busy and when I think of something I'd like to write it's normally as I'm drifting off to sleep (like I was going to write a post about the fact "isn't it funny that we have no problem wearing clothes that are too tight on us but if they are too loose we want to go shopping for a better fit!!").

Real Life: has been crazy. The hubs went out of town for a conference and I went out and enjoyed myself with some friends. Which laid me up for a couple of days recuperating. I'm just now feeling normal.

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  1. Neat set of questions. I'm with you on the plastic surgery question. I'd totally get a tummy tuck. In a heartbeat, even with some recovery time, if only we had the money. I wouldn't mind a boob job, but just to put them back where they started. :)

    Blogger's commenting issues have had me off a little lately. It's so frustrating to type out a comment and then be unable to post it. Hopefully things are all straight now.