Friday, June 3, 2011

BYOC Friday ~ Bring your own Crazy !

It’s FRIDAY – which means it’s BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy…around these parts. We answer a couple of questions to get to know each other better and to give our blog brains a break. Copy and paste to your own blog if you so desire…and ENJOY!!

1. If you could pick any name on Earth for yourself – would you change yours and what would it be?

My mom had originally wanted to name me Veronica and I wish she had. She was afraid though that people would call me Roni for short (which I think is cool) and didn’t’ want that. So although I like my name (especially my nick name) I wouldn’t mind being called Veronica or Roni for short!

2. If you’re a worker-outer…what time do you partake in such activities? There are SO many theories about when it’s best and not best to work out….like the morning is better since you have an empty stomach or the night is not good because you won’t be able to sleep…etc, etc. – so I’d like to hear your theories.

I’d like to be a “routine” “consistent” worker-outer but I’m not. When I do work out, at least during the week, I prefer to do so early in the morning. Working out in the morning energizes me and gives me that extra pep needed to make it through the whole day. If I didn’t have to work (ha ha) I’d just work out when ever, like on the weekends. On the weekends I tend to work out mid day. I've heard the theory that working out first thing energizes you for the whole day and tend to agree...but I am also of the theory that you should listen to your body and work out when your body is "warmed up".

3. If you drive a car – what kind is it and if you could drive any car – what would it be?

Right now I drive a Pt Cruiser. I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT. And when I can’t drive it any more (it’s got about 70,000 miles on it now) I want to get the soon to be released Ford C-Max 5+2. The Ford C-Max 5+2 is like a mini van meets station wagon kind of car. Me and the boys need more room for traveling (that and they want to be able to look out the windows easier!). Plus, when we aren’t traveling with the boys we’re traveling with the in-laws and it’s nice to have leg/body room!

4. Can you be totally honest in answering this next question and tell me what you think of tattoos? More importantly – what do you think of the people who have tattoos – specifically women?

Yes, I can be totally honest about tattoos-I have 4 of them. I’d have more if money were more abundant. But tattoos aren’t for everyone and I do feel (personally speaking) that some folks have too many (or that some of them didn’t think before getting tattooed). Again, it’s just a personal opinion. I prefer that tattoos not to be on the neck, hands, head, face area. This is for all people not just women. I think tattoos on women can be sexy and I think that most folks who get tattoos are interesting, expressive individuals. There’s normally always a story behind a tattoo (other than “I thought it’d be cool.”).

5. Repeat question: Summarize your week in blog land and in real life.

I haven't been online much this week to read many blogs. I am glad to see the commenting issues I was having last week seemed to have subsided. I’ve been pretty busy at work and with the warmer weather I’ve been getting some much needed work done outside. Real life has been productive (planted some shrubs, placed some pavers, pulled up some timbers, mowed, purged items and donated them to VVA. I also helped swap out a faucet) and we are excitedly awaiting Frankie Malone’s appearance at our house.


  1. love this gonna do m ine right now!

  2. This is fun. I'm like you with the working out. Getting up early is TERRIBLE, but I'm always so proud and energetic afterwards. My summer vacation is wonderful, but I do better with more structure than I have these months. Getting in more workouts, for sure, but not necessarily using my time that well.