Thursday, January 10, 2013

Ten Things Thursday

In an attempt to keep writing I'm going to give this lil number a shot. Should be fun right...right.

1) I once was an aspiring artist.  My creative juices LOVED molding clay; losing myself in the process of kneading, molding, tucking, nip, repeat.  And it came very natural.

2) I am the most curious person I know. I've always been a curious person. I love learning and experiencing new things. My motto is "I'll try anything once; as long as it's legal."

3) I work within the law enforcement industry. For the most part I LOVE it. I am in charge of the "office" and get to boss people around, act like a mother hen, and take care of the lil things. I work with mostly men (some of whom are hot hot hot men-shh no telling hubs); some of whom are like brothers, some not so much.  No two days are the same yet none are different.

4) I sometimes talk too much and it's hard for me to not "blab" sacred information. I always tease that if interrogated I would "give it all up in a heart beat." Keeping secrets KILLS me.

5) I kinda love animals more than I love people (no offense peeps). Especially dogs. They are always happy to see me...always happy to play, follow, snuggle. And if I have a bad day (and screw something up)-it don't matter because they are still happy to see me! I would LOVE to have a dog rescue...

6) when I was five I talked the little boy down the street to walking across the main road to the laundry mat to get some bubble gum. When he attempted to protest saying that we aren't supposed to cross the street I cheerfully said "we aren't supposed to cross the street ALONE; if we hold hands while crossing there's no problem." Needless to say there was a problem and we got our butts beat. Literally.

7) I love walking in the rain, singing in the rain, sleeping in the rain (inside under my covers of course)....

8) ten things Thursday is much harder than I thought it would be!! :O) Trying to think of interesting things to write about so folks won't fall asleep!!!

9) I once took the bowling ball out of the bag, put the cat into the bowling bag, and tossed it down the hallway. I was three and my mother didn't know whether to laugh (because of my ingenuity) or to scold me. No worries...the cat wasn't permanently injured; just a lil loopy from the rolls!

10) I'm gettin another tattoo soon. It's my grandpa's version of Thumper. He drew it on an envelope that contained a letter to my grandma during WWII

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  1. I work with almost all women, which is what makes racing with primarily men such a treat.

    Cool that the tattoo is one your grandpa drew!