Saturday, January 26, 2013

So Far So Good

Well, January is certainly nothing to cry about.  While my time management skills are not as good as I would like them to be, nor is planning out the rest of the years "to do" list (remember-following the Happiness Project); Improving the items on my January to do list is going pretty "good".

Issues to work on were:
  1. Buy based on needs vs. what’s on sale
  2. Quality vs. quantity
  3. Less time on computer; more time focused on “the real world”
  4. Let it go
  5. Follow the “one-minute rule”
I know that this doesn't sound real positive but I'm amazed at my "focus". And I'm excited to be feeling a lil more alive this year (and like "this is gonna be a GREAT year!"). Heck, it already started with me winning a David Freese autograph!!

Ok, back to the list. I get an A++ for #1.  80% of funds spent have been on items that I needed. Yes, still room for improvement but not much.  Things I bought this month that I DIDN'T need consist of the David Freese baseball card/plaque (ended up having him sign a license plate thing) and $7 on autograph tickets (that I got the winning ticket from for David-total hottie by the way).

#2 Quality vs. quantity has really weighed on me this month. In a day and age where it's "want want want" "more more more" I'm tired of so much SHIT. I used to love to grab 10lbs of shit and stuff it in a 5lb bag. I don't need more SHIT. I need to acquire more PEACE, Happiness, and good karma. There's been a lot of self talk this month and anytime I feel my hoarding tendencies overwhelming me I ask a simple question..."Do I really need this? How will it affect my current situation?" I've also been attempting to incorporate the "Quality vs. Quantity" as it pertains to food as well. It's much harder do but baby steps. Learning what foods are better for me and will hold me over longer than the typical junk food is challenging (I know that junk food is not good for a healthy lifestyle but letting go of old habits is hard. It's just so much easier to buy a bag of chips/candy than it is to find a healthy alternative). I'd give myself a C on quality vs. quantity.

#3 Less time on computer; more time focused on “the real world” started off rocky. I'm a bit attached to technology. I love being able to text, facebook, twitter, check my mail and play words with friends. Hubs is not overly impressed by the amount of time I spend doing so (even though we do nothing of importance when I'm not attached). So I really have been putting forth an effort to log off more often or log on after hours. It isn't easy and I'd say I've earned a C-.

#4 Letting go is becoming easier each day. Part of it is that I'm just plain tired of "fighting". Not literal fighting of course; figuratively speaking. The need to be "right" or "recognized for my greatness" just isn't there. Could be that I'm maturing (at 42) could be that I'm preparing for bigger and better battles. Some battles just aren't worth it ya know.

#5 Follow the “one-minute rule” Ya...I'd give myself a 50% which is FAILING. Granted I do occasionally follow it but I"m just a lazy gal at heart...well actually my attention span is short and I quickly forget what I'm doing and go do something else.

I still need to work on a more "in depth" to do list for 2013. I haven't even begun to address my lack of inactivity in the exercise department...I don't really know what I want to "accomplish". I know I want to go and do...but knowing and doing are still two different things.


  1. Those are some great areas of focus! That's a great start! I have the same thing but mostly in my mind. Would be great to get it on paper. It IS gonna be a great year!!!


  2. Sounds like you've made some great progress. I'm sure February will be a good month for you too!