Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Group Project-"Be Fearless" Jonathan Alpert

For those of you who are like me and tend to live closer to the "living in fear" side of the street I encourage you to work through this with me. I'm saddened that I've let myself live this way for so long but better late than never when it comes to rediscovering and embracing my fearlessness.

Step 1-Define your dream life.  Create a "Dream List". On it write everything YOU would do if YOU wouldn't feel limited by fear.

So far on my list:
  1. run
  2. sing
  3. laugh openly
  4. smile
  5. teach in a classroom
  6. act
  7. own a cafe/coffee shop
  8. wear more feminine clothing (including make up and wedges/heels)
  9. freelance writer
I also wanted to put move to the east coast but that really isn't realistic considering my current marital status.


  1. hmmmmm so you could move to the east coast and open a resturant that has cooking classes and combine a couple! when you do sign me up cause i'm in de!

  2. I still have a lot of fear, but I've definitely done better in moving outside (sometimes FAR outside) my comfort zone, and I have to say that it's brought me more fun and new friends than in a long time. Go for it!

    I would LOVE to be a freelance writer.