Saturday, June 9, 2012

found my mojo

Completed my very 1st 10k. LOVED IT. just the right amount of miles (although I will continue to do half marathons). I was truckin along pretty good, playin cat and mouse with a few folks....then one of them started talking (said "sure every time I catch up you take off) and of course gave me the perfect excuse to stop trying to jog.  Ian is from the Alton area and was wonderful to hang with. He told me about some of his past running events (one of which was a 10k in Champaign, the same day I was doing my half there). Any way...we got to talking about tri's and I think I'm gonna take the plung. There's one coming up in August in Alton. My one "hesitation" is the swimming part. I do NOT own a swimsuit. I loathe swimsuits.

Anyhow...I think I found my mojo and I'm ready to commit to proper training. and I'm excited to feel good again!! woohooo


  1. Hurray! A tri...that'll be exciting! The swimming part is my least favorite, too...of course, I've only done virtual tris so far.

    Bummer I wasn't at the race. I'd have liked to cheer you on! Instead, I was returning my wonderful borrowed bike.

  2. you go buy that swimsuit, you have so gotta do this. so very proud of you, you are so determined and fierce. and what i admire most things that scare you or make you uneasy you do anyway. that is growth and you are becoming a truly incredible person. so glad i'm along for the journey, cause you inspire me more than you'll ever know! xoxoxo