Friday, May 18, 2012

And the dress saga continues...

As you know the bridesmaid dress I need to wear for a July 7th wedding will not zip up. I panicked momentarily but calmed myself with the fact that I did have just under two months to fit into it comfortably and surely I could do it.  By diet and exercise, or, if all else fails by letting the dress out a few.  Because surely it can be let out...all OTHER bridesmaids dresses have a lil fabric left over for the option of letting them out. NOT this dress. I checked it out this morning due to pure curiosity and so glad I did. There is NO extra fabric (therefore no other option but to lose weight); what you see is what you get. Thank heavens letting out the dress wasn't my first choice of  to begin with!

As I also mentioned before I have a friend who promotes AdvoCare products. She sent me some samples of the Spark Energy Drink and I LOVE it! No unnatural energy spike, just a nice easy "be bopp" feeling. Loved it so much that I now buy it on a regular basis (it doesn't kill my intestinal system like 5hr energy seems to). Prior to the dress not zipping she had approached me about trying a few other products that may assist with some womanly issues (you know the premenopausal ones: stubborn weight,  moodiness, energy) and I said "ah, I think about it"...because I won't lie; AdvoCare products are NOT cheap.  And not that one should "skimp on their health" one often wonders if they must auction off their first born just to get the "best products"!

So when the dress didn't zip I went to her for some "off the record" advice (because neither she or I are doctors) on products and made my selection for what fit my needs (and budget).  The three products are:
MNS® Max 3 Kit

Now, I've not rec'd the Catalyst or the Carb-Ease but I have rec'd the MSN Max 3 Kit (follow the link for specific details regarding what the product does) and I'm feeling pretty confident that I went to the right place for help.  It's a 14 day kit (vitamins, supplements, energy drinks, meal replacement shakes) and VERY easy to follow.  I started using/taking the kit Tuesday morning and by Thursday midday I could notice a difference in energy as well as appetite. This morning I even realized that my body itself did not feel near as drained as normal (my bones aren't feeling achy) and that walking the dogs at 530 am this morning wasn't so painful. With the meal shake I've added fruit to "add more substance" and notice that it drinking it at 8am it's not until after 11 that I'm hungry (for me that's good).  I start drinking the energy drink about 830 and nurse it until lunch. Both those products you just add water to. Now with it only being four days into the kit I can't say yeah or nay to whether it works for weight loss or not BUT for appetite control and energy so far so good.  And can't wait to add the other two supplements! And of course add in more activities!!  I've got two 10ks coming up in the next four weeks!! woohoo!!!


  1. good luck sweetie and i'm a firm believer if it works do it! and if all else fails theres spanx or girdle

    1. I've heard (spanx and girdle); I pray it doesn't come to that!!

  2. I have never heard of these so thanks for posting about them. I'm always looking for things that give you the 'be bop' energy boost as you said (loved that term actually!) rather than the 'heart racing' energy drinks!!

    1. I never heard of them either until my friend talked to me about it. I'm always willing to give legal products a try in case they help my over all well being in a positive way! And I realized lately how much money I've used on products that don't work that maybe I wouldn't have tried if I had known someone who had tried it and posted about it! And LOL on the be bop-shows my age!!