Wednesday, May 2, 2012


It was actually a great weekend for walking/trotting/running. Rumors of rain and storms filled the twitter, facebook, and news screens. I wasn’t as scared of the rain as I was of them canceling the runs. I’d already had a run cancelled due to weather (Go STL 5k April 14, 2012) and I wasn’t looking forward to having another one (or two) canceled. But alas, the rain held off (as did the hit-nice and chilly for the runs) and I was able to complete the I-Challenge (5k and Half Marathon) as planned to collect my 3 medals.
To say that I have been training diligently for these two races would be a fib. Doubt and negative self-confidence have plagued me since November 2011. I’ve “trained” but not as enthusiastically as last year. I couldn’t seem to shake “this feeling” that has no name. And although I improved my half marathon time by 15 minutes, I still fell short (by 25 minutes) of finishing in my 2 hour and 30 minute goal that I had set last summer.
But it’s crazy--I’m not sad or disappointed about falling short because at least I improved. Matter of fact I’m pretty proud of myself. I didn’t give up. I kept reaching (monitoring my watch to see when I might finish) and even when I realized that “it isn’t gonna happen” I still kept pushing.
My mantra for this half marathon turned out to be “JUST HAVE FUN” (instead of "keep the faith"). And I did…I had fun. I chatted with folks, made goofy faces at the camera man, and when I would "falter"; remind myself to just have fun. Such a simple statement but yet so enriching. I often forget to have fun (yes I said forget); I'm often so worried about others. Which is why I love half marathons. It's all about ME. that time on the course is mine and no one else's.


  1. see i told everyone cyndi lauper was a genuis, girls JUST wanna HAVE FUN! bravo for sticking with it and 15 minutes is a pretty good improvement. you did great, congrats! xoxoxoxo

  2. You did do great and it is all about you. AWESOME, AWESOME, AWESOME!!! Just look how far you have come!! BOOYA Rockstar!!