Monday, May 7, 2012

Getting ready for the weeks ahead

It's amazing how quickly the weekends fly by. Why can't we have 3day weekends more often? The next few weeks are going to fly by too I am sure... Boss out of town this week, jury duty the next, and then hubs out of town after that. I also have a 6 k coming up on the 28th and start training for my next half marathon soon after. Fun stuff I tell ya!

I did a 5k this past weekend. It was hot as molasses at 830 am even.  The black top was NOT forgiving and it was easy to talk my pal into NOT doing any more 5ks until the late fall. Of course I forgot that I ALREADY signed up for the Route 66 10k (June 9th) AND Defiance MO 6k (May 28th).

Shameless plug alert?  A friend of mine sells AdvoCare products and has asked me to test of few of the supplements/products out for her and report back. I've used their Spark Energy Drink (grape flavor and the cherry-which is my fave) and LOVE the "pep in my step" that it gives me with out the "crash and burn" that some other products have done. I've used the 5-hour energy before but I have to be careful about drinking too many in too short of a time frame (ie can't use them everyday) because it really messes with my system. the AdvoCare Spark Energy Drink doesn't do this to me...not that I have it EVERY day but I can if I really want to. Of course the products seem a lil steep in price and that's why I've not tried more products. I can't see paying for something that costs more. Then again, how many times have I bought something cheap and not used it??  So anyhow, the next supplement I am going to try is Carb-ease (Helps inhibit the breakdown and absorption of carbohydrates).  I seem to have picked up a passion for carbs that I didn't realize I had. And it hasn't been easy curbing it. Maybe Carb-Ease will help...We'll see. I'd also like to try the Rehydrate Gel...the price is comparable to the G-U gels that I haven't bought but managed to get free. With the summer heat upon us and SERIOUSLY training for my next half marathon (time to beat is 2 hrs 30 mins) I will need to stock up on hydration products...Also, if you all have suggestions for products feel free to let me know. Knowledge is power.

if by chance you have heard of Advo Care and need some products, her link is above as one of my page tabs. If you have not used the products before but are interested in learning about them feel free to contact her via the page link or email me and I will see about getting information for you. I plan on putting my opinion on any products I use on the page tab as an "FYI" not as a "I am a trained professional you must believe me"....I just feel like if a product works and is worth the cost others should have the opportunity to know about them from someone they trust (or might trust?). :O)

have a great week!!


  1. please keep us informed on how that "Carb Ease" goes.

  2. One of my good friends LOVES the spark energy drink.

  3. So excited for your races! I am doing my first 1/2 Marathon this weekend. I would love to hit your time. That is awesome!!

    Keep focused!