Thursday, March 25, 2010

Yogurt time

This is just a quick post...I've got nothing really to report; it's been a "week". You know the kind that nothing really "feels" right, not even your attitude! I've been really crabby. My extra weight is not coming off, my feet and lower back had been hurting (until today) from my 12 mile walk (that I had originally thought was only 11), and my mood was just in the toliet. The highlight of my week is coming home and being with my family. Especially my pug, Fredbird, who loves all things I do.

He loves long walks
(that's him in the lower right corner)

laying about

and eating yogurt.

He is like a clock and knows exactly when it's time for his walk or treat. He makes life a lot sweeter and easier to handle!


  1. Thanks so much for following my blog and entering my giveaway. I sooooo appreciate your very generous donation. It means so much to me and the organization! I really really appreciate your thoughtful act of kindness. Now I'm following YOUR journey too!!

  2. LOL, your little yogurt loving dog cracks me up! Sorry for the tough week, glad you're smiling in the pic though!

  3. Hi Tori,

    Saw you over at Kat's place and followed you back. Love that little Fredbird! Is he related to the Fredbird of the St. Louis Cardinals?

    Sorry you had a crummy week. Mine not so hot either. I have two beagles that cheer me up. Don't even think about being late on their dinner time. LOL, I guess they are a lot like me!

    Let's have a good weekend!

  4. Hi Genie...why yes, my lil guy is related to Fredbird of the Cardinals!! hee hee....

    And Running Diva Mama...great give-away and great Charity...'re truly a blessing and I'm glad you had the meet and greet on your blog!!! :O)