Monday, March 22, 2010

Recap of last week in it’s entirety. I did pretty good with last weeks “schedule” of activities. I only thing I changed was Thursday and Friday (the weather was too nice to stay in). The only thing I didn’t stick to was evening walks….very hard to do when you have people vying for your attention. And let me be truly honest..I just get so danged lazy because “I’m so drained from work!” Yes, an excuse. I’ll work on it.

Biggest accomplishment last week was the 11 mile walk I did. I struggled with this walk and feel like I had everything working against me. I forgot to eat my banana before hand and take some ib profin. Would these two things have made a difference in my time-I don’t know-BUT I feel it made a difference how my body was feeling/reacting. I also wonder how much of an impact of only having two pb&j’s for dinner Saturday night had on how I felt. I did have my bowl of Special K two hrs before my walk…and thank heavens for the fiber plus bar in my fanny pack at mile 9.5. I was STARVING. I had a hard time getting “into” the walk and it took me 3 ½ hours to complete. I paused a few times to take care of minor inconveniences (toe nail digging into next toe) or just for the mere fact that I could stop. I’m trying to learn as I go…but I don’t know what to do about my foot pain (the pads (is this the right name? the things below my toes) of my feet hurt). It was like I had been wearing heals for a few hours too long. By mile 10.5 I was barely moving because my feet hurt that bad!

This weeks goals are going to stay the same…although I might switch up Tuesday/Thursday. I have 20 days until the ½ Marathon and may want to keep it consistent. Then again, I’m not a trainer or work out guru so maybe it should be different??

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