Monday, January 18, 2010

Wow...someone other than me has read my blog!!!

Does this mean that these "someones" are my accountability buddies? That would be very cool because sometimes I have to be reminded where the path is. And why I'm on that path. And that the pain of being on this path is not in vain. Since I've started on my journey I gained two pounds and then lost them. I'm glad to be back where I started and it's all down hill from here.

Tuesday of last week my pal Sherrie and I walked 3 miles during lunch and did it in 45 mins (approx 15 mins per mile). Then Thursday we did 3.5 in a 1 hr time frame, which puts us at approx. 17 mins per mile. The first "training" session was a bit painful in certain areas (different areas for each of us) which is why we were slower the 2nd time. My target areas of pain were the shins and heel. I knew I needed new running shoes (the ones I have are about a year old and have been worn 5 to 7 days a week-as an incentive for me not to stay sitting at my desk all day). The other pain, which I have been prone to in years past while getting in shape, inspired me to purchase some shin "thingies". They are made to "compress" the shin area....they seem to be working wonders because the pain has subsided. Normally my shin pain subsides weeks after getting in shape but I wanted some "insurance" for healing.

On the other days (Weds, Friday, Sat) I walked 1 mile 2x a day and took the stairs at work often. Yesterday and today I haven't done much in extra exercise because I worked Cardinal Care Winter Warm-up which required me to stand on my feet for 6 plus hours, often in one spot. I have a pedometer and aim for 10,000 steps (with an average of 9000) and am aiming to blow the pedometer up (with info) in the next few months. Yesterday my pedometer barely broke 7000 steps and today I am only at 8400--2400 of which walking the dog!! I guess I am not doing so bad but I look forward to this week and seeing what kind of numbers I make. Sherrie and I plan on doing our 3.5 mile course all week, walking at a steady pace at first and working up a faster pace. Our goal is to work our "miles" to 13 or 14 minute miles AND to increase the distance as the race gets closer. I'd be lying if I said that I'm not nervous. BUT this marathon is do-able and we will survive!!

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