Thursday, January 28, 2010

It Wasn't Looking Good....

Got woke up at 3 am by the dog; who wanted to play. Moved to the couch where we promptly fell back to sleep. Then at 6 am we went for our morning walk. It was a bit chilly but what the pug wants the pug gets and he wanted to "frolic in the snow dusting". Anyhow, before getting on the highway and heading for work I needed to stop for gas. Instead of paying at the pump (and avoiding temptation) I opted to go inside the store because "I can be responsible" and I REALLY needed some coffee. And that's when it happened. The voice I've heard many times before, the voice I hear on my way to the coffee pot, beckoning me to make a purchase that wasn't on my list.

and I listened. And I ate. And I didn't feel guilty. BUT I did get on the treadmill and jog 2 miles...very slowly BUT I did it...I jogged!

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