Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Well...I really can't complain...

Yesterday my walking partner was in a poopy mood (and I do mean POOPY) and hesitant to walk. Thankfully she is much like me and didn't need much persuading to strike out on our 3.5 mile venture. That day, we shaved 30 secs off our time. Today I was the one in a poopy mood but very very thankful for our walk. I knew it would be my only time to "detox" my brain. So we walked our 3.5 mile route and shaved yet another 30 seconds off our time. I was stoked. I'm still stoked and very thankful for our walks. And I pray that they don't end...even after our 1/2 marathon. I never realized just how important it was for ME to have a health/work out buddy. We feed off each other and in a positive manner. If she needs a little push, I push. If I need a push, she pushes. If we need to vent about the fact that we are being "so disciplined", eating well, working out but not losing anything substantial we can. And after the venting we talk through what may be holding us up and what we need to do to work through it. So no, I can't complain at all; I've got it good!!


  1. Support is huge. I don't have anyone close to workout with, so my sis texts me in the wee hours of the morning, and we work out 'together'. Whatever works! Sounds like you're doing awesome!

  2. whatever works is right!! On the weekends I use texting to keep myself on task!