Sunday, January 3, 2010

Another sad, weird realization...

I'm sitting here "surfing the blogs" and have read quite a few cool pages relating to fashion and make up....two things I love "a ton" but haven't invested much time and energy following; at least not in the last 8 years. Anyhow I've come to a sad realization that some of my anger towards "fashion" is the fact that I can't wear it. The clothing made for "healthy", "fluffy", "over weight" people have a sad tendency to look like something omar the tent maker has made. Plain muted colors, a few flower patterns, and the occasional loud color (went to Lany Bryant today and was overly disappointed-slim pickens as far as selection).

The skinny clothes of today are so much more fun then the clothes of yester-year. Years ago (i.e. 80's and early 90's) many of the fashion trends were versitle and didn't neccessarily soley rest on ones weight to pull the look off. Big sweaters, rolled pants, puffy hair, blue eye shadow, and dark eyeliner to name a few. The only thing that was not "good" for healthy kids were tight jeans....I can't wait to be back in skinny clothes!!

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