Tuesday, March 4, 2014

30 days, 30 mins, 3 challenges

Holly over at 300 Pounds Down created her own "challenge"  (for a lack of better words) where she is working on x-number of small goals, for 30 mins a day, for 30 days.  I find it intriguing and thought that I would start a lil smaller (I think she is working on 5 things). I'm hoping that after 30 days at least one of the 3 goals will become a permanent/routine habit.

MY goals/challenges:

1)  30 minutes of moderate physical activity.  Walking, jogging, running, biking and or housework (yes housework-have you run a vacuum cleaner in a 1300 sq ft house? how about washed 9 windows (inside/outside)? how about the bathroom...I mean really CLEANED the bathroom?).

2)  30 minutes reading (non fiction, fiction, self help etc etc)-nothing special, just want to read to expand my mental horizons.

3)  30 minutes mindful writing, prayer, meditation.  Hard to explain this one but I'd like to explore my spirituality, I'd like to write more personal prayers (write more period LOL), and learn how to quiet my brain.  Sometimes I feel like the noise in my head NEVER shuts off...the only time it has gotten quiet has been when I've searched for special prayers for what's heavy on my heart at the moment. I feel like if I could meditate properly I could focus better on other goals (ie running, my job).

Today I haven't YET met my goals.  I biked for 20 mins today and haven't read more than a new article online about a rude woman who left a note under another hotel guests door blasting them for their baby's overnight crying.

But I'm not concerned...it's day one, I still have an hour left, and progress is progress! 


  1. sounds like a good list, as for the turning off the noise mayhaps I'd have to combine 1 and 3 and do a moving meditation such as yoga or bellydancing because when I'm focused on movement my mind stills when I'm still my mind RACES! lolol