Wednesday, March 5, 2014

30 days, 30 mins, 3 goals-day 2 2 not so spectacular for achieving 30 mins at each goal.  But it's totally fine with me because I'm happy that I did a lil of each.

1) 30 mins moderate physical activity.  I managed to due 10 minutes.  I would LOVE to count dog walking (which I did two 30 min sessions) but they're pugs and don't walk real fast unless they see a squirrel or cat. Or another dog!

2) 30 mins reading.  I read 20 mins at my lunch which I TOTALLY loved. It was a nice break for the middle of the day.  I did spend about 20 mins reading blogs but the deal is 30 minutes straight.

3) 30 mins mindful writing/prayer/metitation.  this is the one I REALLY need to work harder at.  I only got 10 mins in today for this goal. but again, the quality of what I got in the 10 mins is PRICELESS!!  


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