Thursday, March 6, 2014

The real reason I like to work out and day 3 of 30 days 30 mins 3 goals

Ok...time for me to come clean.  The real reason I like to work out, I mean getting healthier and feeling better physically is a GREAT perk, but the real reason I like to work out is....I get to listen to my music and day dream about making it on the Voice.  I KNOW how silly that is BUT working out is really the ONLY time I get for ME. I can't talk to anyone on the phone (because it's in my purse), I can't walk the dogs (cuz they're at home) and I've come to realize/accept that hubs will be perfectly fine two nights a week with me bringing dinner home at 645.  It's kind of funny...but for right now I don't even CARE that I'm not being overly ambitious (ie pushing myself harder to go further and faster) because I'm totally diggin the toons.  and TODAY, today I branched out to not only listening to my toons but READING while listening and walking. I'm so friggin AMAZING! :O)

30 mins moderate physical activing-check.  31 mins on the treadmill; 3.2 mph; 2% incline

30 mins reading-check. 31 mins reading There's More to Life Than This (Theresa Caputo book) while on the treadmill.

30 mins meaningful writing/prayer/meditation-uncheck. I've only gotten 5mins in....still time before bed though....and I got to look up a scripture I saw earlier on 300poundsdown