Thursday, February 27, 2014


I've read a couple of great posts this morning and I'm starting feel a lil better mentally.  This morning I weighed myself, as I often do in the morning, to see that the scale really isn't moving.  There are 11 days left at my Dietbet and I'm no longer confident that I will lose my 4% to "win" (which is a sour reminder that this would be the third FAILED Dietbet).  Then I started reading a post by Shut Up and Run where she mentions "Only you know if you are doing your best...".  This ALL bummed me out because quite frankly, while I am doing better at "life", I'm not doing my best. I'm watching what I eat but I'm still eating too much of the bad foods.  I'm exercising more but I'm not pushing myself like I know I could. I’m aware of life but still spend a lot of time on the sidelines.  And so the tone for the day was set because I labeled myself as a failure because “once again I talk a good game but have not follow thru.”

At my break time I checked my Facebook page to vent.  While there an interesting blurb caught my eye.  You see, I follow A Gusty Girl Health Coach on both Facebook and Twitter (@sarahkayhoffman on twitter).  She appears to be a sweet, intelligent, health conscious individual—some things that I am and some things that I aspire to be in my life.  Anyhow, she posted a link to a WONDERFUL blog post discussing labeling and what a disservice it is to us as independent individuals. Go to Lift Like a Girl for the entire blog post but the gist of it is, stop using other peoples labels as your own.  Nia Shanks writes “embrace your own labels” and “Make sure you embrace labels that help you become the most awesome version of yourself.”

Embrace my AWESEOMENESS!! Which is truly what (one small step at a time) I’ve been working on doing with my life. Because I feel I am different from others.  But like many others I am quick to judge and place a standard label on something/one….especially on myself….probably because it’s so easy to do…possibly because it was how I was trained. Time for a retrain!!

A few questions regarding weight issues (using the learner questions as shown in Change Your Question, Change Your Life by Marilee Adams):

            Why do I want to exercise more? (because I LOVE how I feel physically, emotionally, and mentally after doing it)

Why do I want to eat healthier foods and take supplements?  (because I LOVE what they do for my body/mind)

Am I happy trying to achieve a body that someone else says is the standard for me? (No-I’m no, matter of fact it makes me sick)

A few questions I am encouraged to explore regarding my “personality”:

What’s my favorite characteristic about myself?

What strengths do I possess?

What qualities can I embrace and “run with”?
What qualities of mine do I feel need to tweeked?

One thing I can say off the top of my head, that I LOVE about me, is that I’m not afraid to learn, explore, and ask questions. The only answer I am afraid of is the one not given. 

P.S. There is a saying that “the truth hurts”…but the truth doesn’t have to hurt; it could be used as a welcome self-improvement tool!


  1. your truth shouldn't hurt, it's fitting into others "truth" that is painful!

  2. Who can do their best all the time at everything? Not me! Honestly, I try to set my goals fairly low and meetable. As far as the dietbet, I'm 1 for 2 right now, and while I should manage to lose my 4% on this current one, I'm not there yet. But I've gone into it with the mindset that if I come out of it at a lower weight than I went in, that's good enough for me. I get too stressed out with big goals. I'm focusing on trying to make small, sustainable good choices more frequently. You're making lots of good choices and changes. Don't get discouraged and let that fall by the wayside. Building good habits is ultimately way more important that losing a certain amount of weight right now.