Sunday, February 9, 2014

Cancer sux, Dietbet, Cabbage soup

Pops's Dr. changed the type of chemo dad gets (because his cancer was responding positively enough to the other chemo he opted for maintenance chemo) and it's Mucking with his blood sugar.  He has three weeks off and one week of taking pills sunday monday and tues.  Dad has diabetes and most of the time manageable (?)...sure it sometimes is higher than it should but a few tweeks of menu and all is good in the world.  Anyhow, Dad was suppose to have a PET scan this past Thursday, as long as his blood sugar was under 200, but because he had to take his chemo pills it wasn't under 200.  Poor thing is so frustrated (and a lil grouchier than normal). And there is nothing any of us can do; except pray.  And I'm so thankful that I'm able to that.  Cuz I ain't got nothin else.

I was told (ever so politely) by my dr that I might want to consider losing a few pounds.  According to his records, In the last year I gained 8 pounds.  According to my records in the last two and half years I've gain 50lbs. Yes, you read that right...50lbs.  Even before my Jan 20th appointment I knew that this was the year I would put forth an effort to get back into shape, eat healthier, and shed the lbs I gained back. So I've been going to the Y a few days a week...and making my lunches....I even made my "famous" cabbage soups today for my lunches this week...and I joined a dietbet hosted by one of my bloggie buddies SuperKate . It starts tomorrow but I weighed in today.  I have to lose 4% of my weight which is 8.6 lbs. I THINK I have 28 days to do this.  And I'm gonna rock it!! cuz if I don't I'm deleting this blog and putting my head in the sand!

Have a great week.....

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