Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Things to consider for 2014

We are already a week into 2014...seems kind of longer but I'm getting older so my perception of time sux.  I've NEVER been big on "resolutions" but I do believe in establishing a set goals for the year.

1.  stay grounded. Shit happens but if I can stay grounded and focused on the present (& what makes me happy, living healthy) maybe getting to a desired result will be "more attainable" (ie run more, lose weight, avoid injury)? (I didn't just state an oxy moron did I?)

2. Let go of what I "thought" I should be.  Things have happened for a reason and I couldn't always control the things that happened; especially the bad.  Bad things happen to good people-that's life.

3.  set aside time for me to explore my needs via exercise, creative outlets (photography), spiritual development.

4.  Continue to make time for family. Dad is responding to the chemo so I can cut back on driving up every weekend/every other weekend (talk about burn out)...once a month for 3 days should suffice for now.  

This isn't my whole list but the more mentally challenging.  I read somewhere that you should be "specific" on ones goals so I have to work more on the specifics of what I want physically.



  1. I think #3 is so important. They all are, of course, but with women too often "me time" is the first thing to go. Unless you're selfish, like me. :)

    I struggle with being too specific in goals bc then when I don't reach something I feel like I've failed. Whereas when my criteria is looser I can stay more motivated. But maybe I'm just weird.

    1. I don't think you're weird at all because that's the reason I haven't been "too specific" with goals....I also don't think you're selfish at all because I am realizing just how important it is to take me time for things that make ME happy and comfie. I've neglected my joys for too long.