Sunday, January 12, 2014

Incorporating "20 Things Mentally Strong People DON'T Do'...

The recent death of Scotty has opened my eyes to some things that I inadvertently "turned a cheek to".  While trying to be a supportive friend/sister to his wife (she is like a lil sister to me) I realized that I didn't let myself heal properly after my mother died. I was 25, had never experienced death (I didn't know my grandparents), and didn't know of resources available for grieving.  I dealt with her death in a very destructive, rash way.  I'm VERY thankful that she is seeking guidance that I never sought, looking for positive changes for a happier future, and blessed that she is sharing her journey with me.

Fast forward to yesterday when someone from my Advocare group posted the article "20 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do" on Facebook (full/detailed article here).  I read the article and thought about sis and I's conversations.  Long story short is that I realize that I have dwelled too long in the past, I often refuse to remove myself from my comfort zone, constantly think of how I or something I want to do will fail (without even trying), and give into my fears (to name a few LOL).  Don't get me wrong, I haven't spent all of the last 18 yrs this way BUT more often than not I have.  Closing myself off to the real world is/was easy and a lot less painful.  If  you don't put yourself out there you can't get hurt.  Of course being this way I've probably missed out on some good times.

Anyhow, I thought I would work this article into my life.  While I DON'T consider myself mentally weak, I do KNOW that there is room for improvement.  I'm almost always open to learning and in recent years I have occasionally put into work what I've learned (I've certainly become more patient/understanding). :O) The Advocare guy posted it so that folks would use it as a resource to become a "Champion within Advocare"....and I want to be a champion in life, not just Advocare.

So I am sure that you went and checked out the article and that you'll help me with the list.  Of the list of 20 things I am going to focus on #1 (Dwell on the past), #2 (Remain in comfort zone), #6 (letting others make decisions for me),  and #17 (giving into fears) first.  I chose these four because I feel that of the list of things these are my "worst" mental offenders.

The first item I am going to tackle is #2, comfort zone.  I hate public exercise classes. I'm not real keen on overly happy, smiling, chipper people (sorry LOL-I think it's because happy doesn't yet come naturally to me). My neighbor (who almost always seems happy, smiley, perky) teaches a 25 min "Core and more" at the YMCA on Tues/Thurs. So Tuesday night I'll be heading over to the YMCA to participate in her class. I might even stand in the middle of the class verse the back of the class!!


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