Wednesday, December 18, 2013

too many options....what's best for me?

Completely at a loss.  I know what I’m supposed to do (eat healthier, be more active, shed excess weight-about 50lbs) but I don’t truly know how I want to get back at it. I have several great options available….

1.      Planet fitness (year plan is $99 (about 8.53mo); open 7 days a week; 30 mins from home; 5 mins from work)

2.      YMCA (13 week challenge for $200 offers weekly class (tues night) that teaches you specifics about food and requires tracking food/emotions; offers access to fabulous fitness ctr 7 days a week during that 13 week period; 10 mins from home; 30 mins from work)

3.      Weight Watchers ($42 mo/approx. (about $128 for 13 weeks); unlimited meetings; online tracking; weekly weigh ins; meetings are at various locations).

4.      Follow weight watchers at home ($0 since I know how the program works) and use treadmill at home.

I was really successful at weight loss utilizing Weight Watcher meetings (verse on my own).  I went into it with the attitude “I will give them 3 months to make me a believer.” I followed their program pretty close and in about 8 months lost 55lbs. A few months out of that time I used the YMCA fitness center. But I started thinking about money and how expensive it was all getting...about 75 a month…but I love to spend money elsewhere and things piled up so I stopped going to both stating that I could “do it on my own”. 47 lbs later here I am contemplating what to do….

Anyhow…back to deciding and soliciting opinions….

I know ALL of the programs work but which one should I choose.  I Like WW because it’s flexible and I can eat my own food choices (vs someone telling me what to eat) but I wasn’t so disciplined when I wasn’t going to the meetings. Planet fitness is a wonderful place (and damn such a great price) BUT I don’t like working out during my lunch and getting to it after work is sometimes a pain in the rear (I sat thru 3 lights one time before I could get to it) and of course I’m not driving 30 mins on the weekend to work out for 30 mins to an hour.  If money were of NO concern I would sign up for the YMCA (year membership is about $453) because the one of two locations is 5 mins from the house, opens at 530 am during the week….and if I took the class it would only be an extra $100.

The biggest thing here that I’m realizing…is that no matter what/how I choose to be more active, eat healthier, and lose 50lbs is that I need to put my mind into it “all in”.  Just like when I first went to WW….


  1. Hmmm...what about Anytime Fitness? No idea what they cost, but they're more convenient than planet fitness to your house. But do you need the accountability that the class would give you? Bc the yearlong membership is only a good deal if you go.

    Whatever you decide, I'm pulling for you and cheering for you. :)

  2. I'm with you in trying to figure it out I LOVED the ww meetings but their food choices trigger binges in me from too many carbs which is MY issue. if you have a treadmill in your house why aren't you already using it? whatever your choice and no matter the cost you simply need to know it's an investment in YOU, and aren't you worth it? ! as far as wanting to spend money in other places you have to just suck it up make fitness and the cost of it a priority. if you're doin shopping therapy to make yourself feel better/loved that's probably something to examine (been there done that)