Sunday, December 15, 2013

What makes this time different?

Internally I've let my emotions (stress) get the best of me.  I'd say i'm tired of it but that's probably a lie. It's SO easy to take the easy way out of "things" easy to make excuses for doing what we know isn't "right" because we want instant gratificaiton.  and besides, I like crappy food and don't fully mind being lazy sometimes.  Crappy food is soooo much easier to open and shove down my pie hole than something a lil more healthy. It also seems a lil bit cheaper (short term at least) to eat crap than to fix a balanced meal or snack. Yes, I know, excuses excuses. I'm pretty good at making excuses.

I recently read a note from one of my dearest friends applauding me for my "ability to give a reality check when no one else had the balls to do so." At first it stung (do I REALLY want to be remembered for "being the dose of reality no one else wants to administer"?) but I quickly "reality checked" myself and decided "that's who I am" and I'm not ashamed. Is there a softer way of giving reality checks? Sure, probably, but I refuse to lie and have a hard time sugar coating things.  I'm a firm believer that you should look at "situations" from various angles, find the lesson, and find the positive in all things.  

so how does this all relate to stress, emotions, reality checks, and crappy food? I've been living unhealthy.  I've been (when none is watching) eating my way INTO a bag of cookies and right back out. I signed up for an expensive 5k and then blew it off (due to cold weather ha ha). And I've barely pried my fanny off the couch and away from Hallmark Channel. 

Still don't know how all this works together? Yeah me either but I believe in signs and I had a sign the other day. I saw on Facebook that the YMCA Edwardsville is hosting a 13 week weight loss challenge. I can stand to lose a few pounds and be a lil more active.  With the $200 non member fee comes a membership for the 13 weeks to their fitness center. I LOVE their fitness center. the class (which meets on Tuesdays) will talk about foods (carbs, proteins, vitamins, minerals, yada yada) and we will be required to keep a journal and I assume share it in class.  It sounds a lil better than weight watchers (because although I'm pretty versed in foods I could still use to learn more in depth about foods) but I'm hesitant. I've done ww's before with both success and failure.  I had a membership to planet fitness that I didn't use like I should have. I even own a treadmill that I rarely use. 

If I sign up for and pay this large amount of money for 13 weeks what will be different this time? What will make this time successful on various levels (mentally, emotionally, physically)? I don't want to pay the money and then not use the tools provided. But I know my track record.  What if the "teacher" of the class is a schmuck; dry, boring, snobby and makes me uncomfortable to the point that I stop going?  How can I not repeat unsuccessful attempts at being active and healthy (lost dietbets, signing up for a race and not showing up, paying for weight watchers and then not trackign/losing)?


  1. Maybe it'll be different with someone expecting you to be there? What if you do great? What if you start going for a couple weeks and build a habit that sticks? What if the teacher is amazing and encouraging? Put your eyes on the possibilities, not the roadblocks. :)

    I don't know what'll make things different, but losing hope in yourself is a sure way to keep things the same.

  2. hmm...I wonder if Kate will see this message?

    so very true...if you go in with gloom and doom attitude you will most likely leave with gloom and doom attitude.

    My biggest concern is that I sign up, go to class, and not learn anything NEW and it will be too much like WW (which WW works out to be about 128.85 for the 13 week period minus the fitness center). Of course, I'm a firm believer that you can always learn something new from old information..and like you said during the 13 weeks "build a habit that sticks" .

    Pros for YMCA-EPIC fitness center on site; possibly more in depth information about foods; longer class time; indicates that it's "not an easy" challenge

    Cons for YMCA-class is only offered on one day; unfamiliar with class structure and would require me to take a leap of faith

    Pros for WW-Less expensive; familiar with program; its a "numbers" type program and I'm great with numbers; flexible meeting days and can go more than once a week; weigh in is discreet.

    Cons for WW-Been there done that (I don't like "touchy feely lets talk about our emotions" over and over and over by the SAME people); not enough in depth on variety of foods; class is only 30 mins; no on site gym