Thursday, February 2, 2012

Back to the living...

Been sick (cold flu) for the last two was the first day I really felt "alive". I'm glad it's pretty much over (being sick) because I've got to get my ass in gear! One of the gals in my building asked me about running a few months back (she did the New Years Day run with me) and was actually serious about running! You know how it goes, people say that they are interested in something when they really aren't and it shows in their actions. Well she keeps saying let's do it again AND got some new running shoes!
And now....we've signed up for two more races. I told her how I wanted to do one 5k a month and two 1/2 marathons this and my big mouth!! :O) Actually, I'm loving it! Also, two of my neighbors have shown an interest in walking even comes with me to walk the dogs (the long mile).

woot woot...Life feels good doesn't it!? finding inspiration from the darnedest places....

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  1. Very coool!! Rock on! Wished I lived closer and I'd run with you too!! :)