Sunday, November 13, 2011

Change is in the air....

ah yes, change is in the air. Leaves are falling, as is the tempature (most days). The boys (Fredbird and Frankie) are close to being "the best of friends" and I am finally able to cook inside without raising the tempature to over 90 degrees. I'm even able to start training for my half marathon coming up in April. Life is good and I'm thankful for that.

I'm also thankful for:

  • a somewhat understanding husband. Even if he doesn't understand he's smart enough to keep his mouth shut.

  • a new weekend walking buddy who is interested in learning to jog. It seems to be more fun when there is someone walking the trenches with you!

  • the CPR cell phone repair place for attempting to fix one of my life lines. I'll know tomorrow whether or not they were able to get it working properly.

  • Hawthorne vet clinic for putting up with our many trips to their facility for Frankie's stiches. Some days I think the lil guy will be the death of me. Thankfully..he's alright and will be back to "normal routine" by Tuesday morning (although he's been trying to be back to normal since the day after his lil surgery).

  • only being half crazy....


  1. Half crazy means you're half sane. :) It's all in the spin.

    Yea for exercise buddies! It's DEFINITELY more fun with company.

  2. SO excited you are doing a half marathon!! You can do it!!

    Keep focused!