Monday, October 24, 2011

My how time flies when your...

Having fun?

Ok so I'm not having "fun fun" but I'm not bored either! I've been extraordinarily busy lately and busy is good. Except, as you know, when it comes to eating. Or exercising. Or taking care of your own needs. But you knew that already right?

And you all know what happens when you don't eat right, exercise, or take time for yourself. Right? We'll if you don't let me tell you. You gain weight, get flabby, and lack proper sleep for starters. All bad; all confidence crushers. Then you find yourself falling into old habits and repeat.

Well I'm happy to say that I've NOT gained weight. I have gotten a lil flabbier but at least I've stayed the same weight. And as for sleep it really hasn't been THAT bad but most days I could hit the snooze a few more times.

Anyhow, the point of my post is that I sometimes have poor time management skills.  If I could implement/follow the advice of "professional organizers/time management specialists" ALL of the time rather than just PART of the time I would have more time for myself. And they say time for ones self (sp?) is essential to a balanced life.  And my biggest desire in life, I've recently realized, is that I want a balanced life.  I mean seriously, wouldn't that be like, PERFECT! Yes, yes it would. sign  me up!

Alright, so I'm going to be busy busy until at least Sunday but I will pencil in some time for blogging between now and then because blogging is fun, keeps me accountable, and gives me someone to talk to. I feel a sense of comraderie with the blogging community that I don't feel elsewhere. Oh, ding subject change, I told my step mom that we wouldn't be home for Thanksgiving and that I probably wouldn't be up until April time. She didn't sound surprised but she did sound disappointed. I'm sorry for that but my well being first, all other second. I can no longer handle being in negative situations that I don't have to be in. So, if any of you all want to come over for Thanksgiving dinner, I'll be serving it in the afternoon...probably about 4.



  1. Go you!! I'm excited to hear about your April plans!

    I soooo hear you on the time mgmt thing! I just had this conversation with one of my aides today. There was q book up for grabs, and she said I should take it first bc I had more spare time than she did (ha). She said how I always manage to be reading something, and I replied that it was bc I have lousy priorities. Yes, I read two books this weekend, but neither was the one I'm supposed to be reading for work!'ve inspired me, and I'm going to be setting goals on organization and especially finances.

  2. YES.. I want a balanced life too! It's a constant challenge every day. Little by little tho. Great job NOT gaining weight. You can stick to this, Tori... you are super smart and strong. I hope you have a really fun Halloween girl!!

    Take care!