Sunday, October 16, 2011

Gone Crazy-BBL

Hello there.

It's been a bit hectic around here and I'm totally ok with most of it.  We got a new boss a month or so back and I'm not diggin him. BUT if I were/am to stay with the organization I've got 20 yrs to his 2 before it's all over so I might as well just suck it up. I openly admit that this will be a great learning "tool" (sorry my brain froze and I forgot what word I really was going to use). I will also openly admit that this guy is all about goals (one sided for him of course-ie his goals only included what is good for him only not what is good for the organization and for him). Anyhow, working with him gets me thinking on what I'd like to do, where do I go from here (professionally) to get where I want to be (professionally and personally).  I think I heard this thought on the Daily Boost and the thought is "there really is no difference between professional and personal." And in the end I want it all to be as harmonious as possible.


  1. An occupation that doesn't leave me stuck in one location (#nomorecubicle)
  2. An occupation that allows me to be in a "far away location" but still get work done (#telecommute)
  3. An occupation that allows for decent pay (at the very least) and benefits (#notlookingtoberichbut)
  4. An occupation that allows me to be excited about what I am sharing (#cantwealljustbehappyaboutsomething)
Now, these aren't my only wants...just the "main ones" that I can think of off the top of my head. And please don't get me wrong-I LOVE MY CURRENT JOB. But my current job doesn't allow for much movement and 20 years from now when I am to "retire" I don't want to be known as the "Bitch kept the office running ultra smoothly AND had time to feed us."

And now, thinking out loud: WHAT ARE MY OPTIONS!?

1. A writer of some sorts
2. An online teacher (although I would also be open to teaching in a classroom
3. Outside Sales
4. ??
5.  ??


1. While I'm a smart cookie, I am not the smartest bulb in the batch. If I were to explore the teaching option I would totally need to work on my grammar/grammer? (sentence structure, when to use verbs etc).
2. While my confidence in myself is growing, I still have many days where I feel like the biggest failure to walk the earth. OK, maybe not the biggest failure BUT you know what I mean (I think).
3. Me. I keep myself from exploring options because for whatever reason I just don't believe in myself.

Either that or I just enjoy the "security" that my job has to offer that I don't want to walk away yet. But nothing is "secure" and shit happens. I'd like to find "something" that I could do "part time" that would not only supplement my income (thus paying off the big bills sooner) but that would give me a taste of what is available.

By the way...I'm not ignoring any of the blogs on my "worth following" list.  I have been able to get on here and read them (and I'm also happy to see that I am not the only one crunched for time these days) but not been able to post a response as much as I'd like. 



  1. I am right there with you on finding a job that meets your needs. Right now there is no growth potential in my current job, and I can't see myself wanting my supervisors position when finally decides to retire in another 15 years. And thats assuming the government hasn't slashed our funding to nothing by then.

    I wish you luck. Life's too short to be merely floating by.

  2. I think that it's just so easy to stay with the known rather than risk the unknown. Volunteering might be a good low-stress way to explore some other types of jobs. And thank you for kind comment about our kitty. I know I need to be at peace with the decision and move on. I'm trying.