Sunday, October 16, 2011

It’s Friday which also means it’s BYOC – Bring Your Own Crazy – on Sunday!!

Ok...I KNOW this is late but I just LOVE the questions this week! Thanks Laura from Beer, Dogs, and Getting Healthier for posting!

Five little questions you can copy and paste and answer in your own blog to get to know your fellow bloggers better and to give your blog brain a break!

1. What’s your most favorite noise and your least favorite noise?
Ok, I have two most favorite noises. One is light "weather" (like rain falling and hitting the window or gusts of wind) in the wee early morning hours on a Saturday (cuz I can stay home most Saturdays). The other is my lil snuggle bunny Fredbird coming and snuggling up next to me, finding his "perfect spot" and letting out that "sigh". The noises make me snuggle further down under my blanket and count my lucky stars for being so blessed!

As for least favorites, I have many. I have pretty sensitive ears and at certain times of the month every noise seems "intensified". People snapping/popping gum actually hurts my ears. Another least favorite noise is certain people talking. Whining makes me ill!

2. If you were a character in the movie Grease – who would you be?
Betty "Rizzo". The dark hair tough acting girl. She can be taken several ways and may have been misunderstood. Outwardly she acted tough and confident but on the inside (IMO) she wanted the same things others wanted: love, understanding, acceptance.

3. What was the name of your best friend in elementary school? Are you still friends?

Christie and yes we are still friends. We don't see each other much or talk as often as we might like BUT we do know where the other is when we need each other most desperately.

4. Who is your current celebrity crush?
Still Dwayne "the Rock" Johnson...shhhhh..don't say a word; just let me just look at you! :O)

5. Repeat question: How was your week in real life and in blog land?
My week has been pretty hectic. I've had some volunteer things, heavy work schedule, and tons of outside work to get done before the snow. Bloggy land has slightly suffered. I've been able to read some blogs but not respond to anyone. And I just got my first post done in like over a week and a half (this will be my second).


  1. I like that movie character question. Now I'm wondering who I'd pick.

  2. You know, I've always kinda had a little crush on The Rock too. Hehehe.

  3. hmmmmm kk i'll let you in on my crush. matthew lillard..........i KNOW i KNOW but i can't help it i really wanna shag shaggy! lol (NOT kidding!)