Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Tuesday's Tidbits

Ø Gaining weight is easy; there’s no thought process to it. The less you think about your weight the more you gain. And in no time!

Ø With many "things" in life there is NO maybe; it’s either yes or no. Plain and simple. Either you want to live healthier or you don’t. Either you want to exercise or you don’t. Shit or get off the pot!

Ø You can’t MAKE someone else do something that you want done (or you think that they need to get done). People don’t respond well to someone forcing them to do something. You get better results by ASKING them to do it. So why would you FORCE YOURSELF to do something and expect a positive response? Just saying…

Ø The saying “failure is not an option” is bullshit (IMO). Failures happen all the time-it’s a fact of life. Just like losing, just like “quitting”-IT HAPPENS! Best learn from the failure/mistake/set back/loss/whatever and push forward. The saying should be “Dwelling on the failure/loss/set back/mistake is NOT an option!”

 Ø Expectations have a tendency (again, IMO) of getting set too high. It’s wonderful to expect great things of yourself and others “because I’ve worked so hard for this or that” but it isn’t always as easy as that. Life (and people) often get in the way sometimes. Besides, I can only expect MYSELF to do the best I can (I can’t make someone else set their “bar higher”) and be more understanding of the fact that I am ME and you are YOU.

Ø Not every “conflict” needs to be “addressed and resolved”. Some “battles” aren’t worth fighting. Sometimes, it’s best to keep my mouth shut, my head down, and “get’r done”!

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  1. I used to never want to fail. I hated to fail. But I've since learned, that failure is a good thing. You learn so much about yourself when you fail. And some times if you got what you wanted, you may not have wanted it at all....Like I used to want to be a business owner for a cosmetic company....I failed at it and looking back I'm soooooo grateful that I'm not doing that right now. Was I upset then that I could not make it happen? You bet....But now, I'm just grateful for the lesson, because I love what I'm doing now!

    Wow longer than I wanted to post. Sorry!

    Keep focused!