Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Beat the Heat week 6

1. What have you done this week to help you achieve your goals?

Well, let me see. Only reading I’ve gotten done is on Pug’s and their needs (it’s amazing how much one forgets when the pup is no longer a baby) to make sure I haven’t forgotten something important. I’m not done reading the “101 ways to get organized”….But I did do some house cleaning utilizing the information I gained from what I have read so it’s all good. Still have the form for the moo cow half marathon Oct 2nd. I keep wavering on if I really want to do it. The Fees for the ½ don’t go up until September ish so I should decide soon. I just have NOT gotten any “real” exercise done lately. Prior to the new puppy pure laziness is what kept me off the road/treadmill; with the new pup I’ve been overwhelmed emotionally, had had little sleep up until last night (although I still got woke up during the night for potty breaks) that I haven’t gotten to run/walk much (other than to chance the lil bugger as he marches off with a leaf!). I’ve been using my calendars but not to the best of my ability (although my time management skills are improving greatly!). As for the weight-I’m making really good choices, staying with in points, and losing ever so slowing. I’m totally fine losing weight slowly-it’ll be easier to keep off!!

2. What have you done this week to make you feel fabulous?

Not a good week for “feeling fabulous”. I’ve been having complete and total melt downs all week! He may just be a “dog” to others but he’s a baby to me. This baby has many needs; so does his older brother. Making sure that everyone’s needs are met (including my husband and myself along with other family members) is incredibly demanding (IMO) and requires one to let go of selfishness. My heart goes out to human moms and what they must go through when for whatever reason they can’t take their baby with them somewhere and must trust someone else to see to their needs.

3. Do you feel you get everything out of your life? Would you like to change things or are you happy where you are (I know a bit deep but I’m thinking about major life achievements this week achieved and not!)

No, I don’t feel I get everything out of life BUT I can be a bit…a bit…a bit like my expectations are much too high. I don’t mean it in a bad, depressing, I’m a loser kind of way; I just prefer to reach for the stars and be happy that I’ve hit the clouds. Believe it or not I’m a pretty happy person. Yes I am easily over whelmed but I am working on this. My hubs says I have a touch of OCD but I’m always on alert for changes that may need to be made to make life a lil less over whelming for someone (especially me or my family).

4. What’s your ultimate favorite food? Is it healthy? Can you make it healthy?

Oh gosh…I love ALL foods…Not sure that there is a “ultimate” favorite. If there is I’m sure it would be in the seafood family. And BTW, I’m a firm believer that any “favorite” food can be made healthy if it isn’t already healthy.

5. Fun Question: What do you want to be when you grow up J ?

When I grow up I want to be either self employed (something with animals-duh) OR working somewhere that either lets me make my own hours, work from home, or lets me take my pups to work. My pug Fredbird has not only enhanced my life but he really saved it too. He is such an amazing lil guy and I can’t imagine life without him. And I know that lil Frankie, in time will add a special blessing to my life as well. Also, when I grow up I want to make enough money that I can take mini vacations more often (and yes, some with the pups).

and the picture of the week...my two lil men.....


  1. sounds like a tough week for sure, hope it turns around for you.

  2. Puppies are harder than kids, seriously! Hope things settle down for you soon x

  3. Had both kids and puppies and they are both hard!

    Take care of yourself and stay focused on your health and fitness goals!!!

  4. thank you everyone..it has been a trying last couple of weeks. I'm sure the worst is not over but in due time we will all have adjusted (and a few of us get some real sleep!) hugs

  5. I clicked to see more of your doggy. I have a dog similar..a chug (chihuahua pug) named Jack.
    Great ticker progress.