Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Beat the Heat week 7

1. What have you done to help you achieve your goals?
I lost two more pounds this week; started reading “Complete Idiots Guide to Raising Pugs” because I figure the sooner I remember how to train the pug (ie potty train him) the sooner I can get back to “normalcy” (ie reading my 101 ways to Organization, reading the other books in my nook, exercise, AND get real sleep); Still haven’t signed up for the Cow Bell Half Marathon. I doubt that I will. When I made my goals I had no idea we would be acquiring a puppy. Puppies take an uber amount of time, energy, love, patience, supervision (etc etc remember-puppies are much like toddlers) and I just don’t have the “ump” to devote time needed to train for the half and train the pup. A normal human being may be able to do everything that needs to be done (work, keep house, attend to family-including pets, errands) in a 24 hr day but not me. And yes, it is an excuse because there are plenty of folks that can do so much more than I and exercise for 30 mins to an hour a day. (shrug). I’ve been utilizing my personal calendar as well as my work calendar (I’m really digging getting better at time management)…just haven’t used the exercise calendar.
2. What have you done to make you feel fabulous?
I haven’t choked the puppy…that makes me feel FAB-U-LOUS. I haven’t cried this week…. that makes me feel FAB-U-LOUS…I lost 2 more pounds…. that makes me feel FAB-U-LOUS.
3. If your house was on fire, and you could grab ONE thing (outside of people and your computer/laptop, they are all out) what would it be?
4. Tell us about your blog. Treat it like a book, what’s happened so far?
So far, with my blog…I’ve kept it real. I’ve grown; I’ve corresponded with other bloggers; I’ve aspired to get better and better each day.
5. Fun Question: Tell an embarrassing story about yourself. No dodging.
One time…when I was 16 I went out drinking and came home drunk. In an attempt to NOT get caught I thought I’d be sly and go up the back steps which involve entering the house via the basement. As I went up the basement steps I found the main door to the house to be locked but the doggie door was not. Yep, you guessed it…I tried to get in through the doggie door. My rear was this big (_________________) the doggie door was this big (_______).

this is how I've been feeling...if I hold my breathe long enough all the bad will pass!!!

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