Thursday, July 28, 2011

Ten Things Thursdays

1) Ive become a bit obsessed with becoming more organized and planning. Ive always been a clutter bug and used to love to fly by the seat of my pants. Not so much anymoreIve got calendars EVERYWHERE and panic when I see a pile of things!

2) Im getting a bit nervous about the financial sit-ye-ation of our surroundings. Im trying to be more frugal because of all this financial uncertainty (that honestly has always been there/here/around us) but struggling to come to terms with use cash not plastic. I NEED to write up and stick to a budget!

3) I recently heard on the radio (in reference to the national budget issue) that basically “compromising is for losers. They need to decide what you want and fight for it. Period. At first I nodded yeah I can see that but now Im not so sure. Those people in DC arent fighting for us or our rights or whats in the best interest of our wonderful nation (I normally dont talk politics but)they are once again thinking about themselves, about what can make THEM more money (you notice they havent froze their pay nor offered to take a pay cut but have asked all of us to do so) and about how THEY can put more control/restraints on our lives. So why not compromise and shut up already. I understand that if they make the wrong compromise that they arent really solving anything, just prolonging the inevitable but arguing like they are isnt solving anything either.

4) I also need to stop trying to be a martyr. Im no Mother Theresa, I will never be Mother Theresa, and sometimes its ok for me to tell someone NO(I dont know, dont have, cant get it, or wont give it to you)”…Im giving others too much emotional power-emotional power that they didnt even ask to have over me in the first place.

5) While I dont want to be retired or a stay at home person Id REALLY like to make my own work schedule. I LOVE my job and LOVE my co-workers; I just wish I could do more work from home.

6) I have doggie anxiety. I dont like leaving my lil guy at home by himself and were bringing another pup home tomorrow night. I sometimes have to drive around the block THREE times just to make sure the garage door is down. Ive even started sending a photo of the closed door to my work email in an attempt to ease my mind. My current lil guy is the only living thing in this world who will listen to me without interrupting, kiss and cuddle when I ask, is so excited to see me when I get home that he whimpers and wags his butt; he loves me with no boundaries and lets me know that on a daily basis. And I have never worried/felt like I didnt deserve his love.

7) Its so friggin hot outside. Each year I say I dont remember it being this hot last year even when it probably was. The weather zaps me of any desire to do any real work or exercise or fun project.

8) I just filled out the form for the Cowbell Half Marathon on Oct 2nd. All I have left to do is write the check (Im using my birthday money) and mail it. I would have signed up online but I was too cheap to pay the 3.75 fee for doing so. Writing the check saves me $3.25. J

9) Im afraid I will always think of myself as the fat chick even when I get to my goal weight (which I am 20 to 30 lbs away from). Even after losing 48 plus pounds I still look in the mirror and see fat. It can be a bit overwhelming. The only reason I havent given up is because at low points God has a way of presenting me with what I would consider an unhealthy individual (you know the 250 plus gal in tight shorts and a tube top or the one huffy and puffing after a short walk). Im very glad that they are comfortable and accepting of their size but its a great visual motivator for me to attempt to stay on point.

10) Id really like to take others out of my equation. I dont want to be a judger of others and what appears to be their life decisions; I dont want to be an assumer of others and what their life appears to be; I dont want to be one of those people who acts/thinks they are so much better than someone else. Because Im not and I will never be. Im so NOT perfect that it tears me up inside and the emotional baggage is often too heavy to carry. I cant answer for others decisions so why do I use any brain waves considering their life even for a moment!!


  1. whew! a least after the initial intro your doggie will no longer be alone, he'll have a partner in crime! that should ease the anxiety some. i think you sell yourself short sometimes as far as i can tell you're an amazing kick-ass woman and you're capable of just about anything. i hardly ever worry about money (i probably should lol) it comes and goes but somehow life always gives me what i need. i trust God/spirit/universe to provide as long as i'm open to receiving and so far it's worked great! just relax and let it flow around you. xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

  2. If I worked from home I'd never get anything done. Well, I'd get plenty done but not much productive. :) Hope your dog likes his new buddy!