Monday, July 4, 2011

BEAT THE HEAT...week one

Weight Wars

1. What are your goals for the 10 week challenge?

  1. Lose 20lbs
  2. Sign up for and train for Cow Bell Half Marathon Oct 2nd (time to beat is 3hrs)
  3. Finish reading 101 Ways to Get Organized and Women Food and God
  4. Utilize monthly calendars for personal goals, weight related goals, and quarterly calendar for financial goals

2. Why did you pick those goals? What makes them important right now?

I'm not really sure why I picked THESE goals but I feel compelled to achieve them now in my life. They are important because I feel like they will allow me to have a little more control over my immediate environment. I feel like if I focus on MY goals I won't be so concerned about what others are (or are not) doing! Just keepin it real ya know!

3. What’s your biggest excuse reason for not doing something and how are you going to stop it getting in the way?

Piss poor planning on my part is the excuse/reason I use for not doing something. If I utilize better organizational skills I shouldn't have some lame ass excuse (not enough time, not enough money, not enough emotions left) for not achieving.

4. Are you a planner or do you go with the flow?

I'm actually a total planner. I'm so much of a planner that I often have a plan b, plan c, plan d to fall back on if plan a falls through! Also, I'm not much of a follower and if I'm to keep it real, I never have been a follower.

5. Fun thing Tell us something that will help us get to know you.  Like things you like or a silly story or about your family?

Fun? Seriously? Fun isn't in my vocabulary and hasn't been since the early 90's when life was so much simpilier (although back then I though it just "so hard and couldn't get any worse!"). Sure I didn't have a lot of money but I sure did have my freedom to come and go with no regards to anyone else in my house (because there was no one in my house!!). Ah if only I knew then what I know now!! :O)

Positive picture of the week...

getting kisses from my lil frankie man....excuse the no make up...I'm not big on face paint even though I'd look a heck of a lot younger if I put it on!!


  1. Awwww.... little Frankie is so cute! How fun!
    Wow... and a half marathon. Super cool. I love it!! I know you can do it too! I relate to needing to focus on my own goals so I don't compare myself to other people and their goals. That comparing is a dangerous thing because we don't really see the whole picture. So you are a smart woman!
    Have a wonderful day Tori!! You rockstar you!!

  2. I love how varied your goals are, that's really great, look forward to following your progress :)

  3. I really value using calendars to help me visualize how much time I have to accomplish goals. I hope that works out for you like it has for me!

    P.S. Frankie is SO CUTE!!