Saturday, July 2, 2011

shameless promotion?

I'm just spreading the word to as many places I can think of...I am participating in a fund raising event; something I'm not real great at. But I'm working on.  So if you have a couple of dollars you don't know what to do with, please consider going to the following link The charity in question is "Cardinals Care-the St. Louis Cardinals’ non-profit foundation dedicated to caring for kids! Thanks to your generous assistance, Cardinals Care is able to build baseball fields, support youth baseball teams, and provide cash grants to children’s agencies. Since its inception in 1997, we have distributed more than $16 million to support organizations in and around St. Louis. "

When you get to my page (click link above) you will read

"Please consider making a donation of any size as it will all go to Cardinals Care. For those of you willing to pledge $40 or more, I'm willing to wear a goofy/tackie/eye catching costumed themed item during the run, as long as it's tasteful and appropriate (I'm not wearing clothes that are too risque, 8 sizes too small or large or a heavy coat). I will ensure that someone will be there to take several pictures for those of you who can't make it to witness the race first hand. Donate early as only the first six people donating $40 or more will have a say in the race day outfit. Options include a red/blue hair, shirt of your choice, hat/headband of your choice, wristbands of your choice, shorts of your choice, socks of your choice, suspenders, a sign taped to my back or even (heaven forbid) an opposing teams logo!

Again, thank you for clicking the link and checking out this race. It's a wonderful charity; one that helps more than just the local community.

Remember, If you do decide to donate $40 or more shoot me an email so we can discuss your costume of choice ( Also, feel free to forward the link on to your friends/family."

Hopefully the "idea" of dressing me in an opposing teams logo will get my Chicago Cubs loving family to donate!! :O)

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