Thursday, February 25, 2010

What kind of week have you had?

I don't know about you but it's been that kind of week. The kind that makes you want to find a rock to hide under!! Nothing major out of wack (unless you consider having to pay uncle sam come April 15 a bunch of money you hadn't budgeted major-which it really is but there isn't anything we can do about it right now)...

Anyhow, So far I have been able to get into the gym 3 days (Mon thru Weds); which is good. My food still needs help but it's getting easier. I purchased a Foodsaver to help with making healthy lunches that will be easy to reheat (and won't be freezier burned). The internet said it will save us $600 a year and if the internet said it it must be true (or so the hubby says). Some folks at work have them as well and gave it two thumbs up. I feel that even if it saves us $200 a year I'll be happy and consider it a good investment. Heck, I already consider it a good investment because the food doesn't take up as much space in the freezer as containers, I'm able to have a variety for week day lunches rather than eat the same thing 5 days in a row. Granted I have to do some major cooking one day a month but heck I've got to cook anyway!! Supposedly it seals veggies too. And the machine is easy to use which is a bonus.

I'm in dire need of a new computer (laptop prefered) because the current one is getting slower and slower. It's also 5 years old and the life on them is 3. But due to tax season (and the tax guy saying "looks like you owe $$$$ but it's in final review so don't hold me to that) I'm not sure if I should right now. The hubby is ticked. I am too but it isn't MY fault or the tax guy. Anyhow, I took tomorrow off so maybe I will go price shopping. I've seen a couple that are around $450 that look like good machines. Maybe I'll get lucky and find a steal of a deal.

In case you didn't notice, I took my weight loss chart off my blog and updated the "search" name (previously the link said "adayinthelifeoffredbird" (my dog). After starting a blog I decided that talking about my dog wouldn't be real interesting. Matter of fact you would probably be like "you do what for your dog?" and think I am crazy (which at this point in my life may not be far from the truth). And my weight loss chart...well I was getting down right discouraged from it! I'm losing pounds very slow. If it weren't for the fact the my endurance is up, pants/tops loser (and so are my undies!!), and my pal Sherrie I would have given up weeks ago on weight loss. But this journey isn't about weight's about being healthier physically, emotionally. I want to do it right and if it takes a year to lose 60 pounds it takes a year.

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