Monday, February 15, 2010

Week of 2/08/10

To say that it’s been an interesting week would be a lie. It really has been neither here nor there. Like many others I’ve had my ups and my downs; thankfully nothing drastic! I’ve done 29 plus miles of exercise (mostly walking, a couple miles jogged, and a handful of cycled miles). I’m actually pleasantly surprised at how many miles I did because of the “discomfort” in my body I was feeling but I’ll gladly take it and use it as continued motivation. And I only took one day off from doing some form of exercising, with my most productive day including a 6 mile walk.

My weight continues to stay centralized. By centralized I mean it ain’t moving much. I’m a bit disappointed but figure I may as well continue to try and be healthy (I’ve really got nothing better to do!). I feel that I ate healthy much of the week (lots of fruit, veggies, yogurt, fish, dairy); moving off the beaten path once when I went for Chinese food Wednesday night. I know I need to put more focus on my food intake (by keeping a journal) but I really need figure out how to keep myself moving and LIKE IT (not just keep myself moving because I know I need to do it). I really can’t wait for the snow to be gone…I love walking/jogging outside because I’m more at peace with myself and what I’m doing (plus I get too see all sorts of cool animals (like deer and dogs and birds) and people).

Earlier this week there was a blog that mentioned an “overly tempting candy dish”. This gal had the displeasure of walking by it daily and while I sympathize I openly admitted that I was the “keeper of the candy dish” in my office. I don’t force the candy on anyone (the “dish” is actually a desk drawer) but it’s known that if someone needs a little sweet that they are more than welcome to it. Some of my folks even CONTRIBUTE to the contents of the drawer. The funniest thing about the drawer is that I rarely get into it but if I am feigning for a “lil something” I can get it (it keeps me from the vending machine and the large size candy bars) without feeling too guilty. Psst...if you click on the photo you will see that there are raisins in my stash too!!

But after reading some of the other responses to this other blog (examples-“it’s not helping anyone in the office” and “chances are there are others in this office that doesn’t want it there either” were the two that stick out) I needed to know if my co-workers thought I was in error for having a “communal candy dish”. In no way, shape or form would I ever want to sabotage someone else’s healthy eating lifestyle (which many of my co-workers follow). I’ve always felt that if someone didn’t want to eat something I brought in, they didn’t have too. But to be sure I asked everyone if the drawer was a problem and if I should remove it. I told them to be honest and that I would hold no grudge. They thought I was crazy for asking and wanted to know why. I explained to them about weight loss and reading weight loss blogs and about temptations. They told me not to worry about it…that if they didn’t want to eat it they wouldn’t. So I’m not going to worry about it. If it becomes a problem and I am made aware that it’s a problem, I’ll ensure that it doesn’t get refilled!


  1. Well, a drawer is a bit more out-of-sight out-of-mine more than a candy dish is, so I wouldn't sweat it! I also haven't had a dramatic weight loss, but I'm hoping it will matriculate eventually. Have you thought about adding songs to the i-pod or bringing that cute little pug with you to keep you company on your walks...I enjoy mine much more when I have my dogs along with me.

  2. I've been adding upbeat tunes to my ipod and creating a playlist that keeps a pep in my step (80's tunes work wonders!! Shows my age too!). I do take my lil guy on walks but not long ones(he likes to sniff often and long which takes away from gettingy pace up. I did go tithe chiropractor today and she thinks she can get my lower back up to par which will allow me to move easier and quicker. What songs do you have on your iPod?