Thursday, February 18, 2010

My 20 Wishes

Inspired by a book I read last year by Debbie MacComber (20 Wishes) I’ve come up with my list of 20 things I would like to do during my life. As one list is completed, another list can be created. Or I can add to it as I complete one of the wishes…time will tell…I have no idea since I haven’t completed anything on my list yet!! Also, although the list is numbered doesn’t mean I (or you if you chose to make a list) have to do it in THAT order. The beauty of this list is I can do them in whatever order I want!

1) Go Parasailing. (I missed my opportunity to do this in my early years which I have regretted since. You can bet I won’t do THAT again!!)

2) Go Bungee Jumping. I have no idea WHY I want to do this but I do…seems daring?

3) Go Skydiving. Again, not sure why I want to do this…but something about jumping out of a perfectly good airplane appeals to me.

4) Climb Lady Liberty Stairs. On my journey to being healthier, this is at the top of my wish list! This is where many of our ancestors came through.

5) Go to Ireland w/someone I love. I’ve heard how beautiful it is. I want to experience it for myself. If I can get myself into a size 12 or smaller jeans my hubby will take me. He promised!!

6) Write a book. Not sure what kind of book but it will be a book that inspires, uplifts, and relights a fire in a persons soul.

7) Write articles. I like life experiences. I’m not big on things that haven’t really been felt.

8) Create doggie outfits and sell/donate them. I have a pug…the outfits in the stores never seem to fit right.

9) Travel the U.S. in a Small RV. I had also put “to watch Cardinals games in different stadiums” but I want to see more (on top of seeing baseball games) like Yellowstone, Wyoming, Oreagon, Washington, the Largest Garage Sale in the U.S., etc.

10) Travel Alaska. Planes, Trains and Automobile come to mind. In the pictures it’s “Totally” beautiful. I want to see it for myself.

11) Attend “The Price is Right”. Really…do I need to explain?? :O)

12) Complete a ½ Marathon. Hopefully April 11, 2010 I can mark this off my list!

13) Run a 5k. No really, RUN the 5k. I’ve participated in tons of 5k’s (ok about 10ish) but not once have I ran the entire thing. This too shall come to pass!

14) Once a month, tray something new. I want to take golfing lessons, ride in a nascar/busch series car, learn to make stained glasses objects, paint class, etc.

15) Go to a Sprint Cup or Busch series race.

16) Go Paintballing. I watched “Failure to Lauch” last week and it looked like FUN!

17) Spend a month on the East Coast (Philadelphia) and get to know the family members I’ve never met as well as visit the cemetaries my grand parents are buried at.

18) Buy season tickets to Busch Stadiums/St.Louis Cardinals.

19) Volunteer/run/own a dog rescue w/focus on Pugs. I LOVE dogs. Like children they didn’t ask to be born.

20) Let go of the anger. Sad to say I still harbor a LOT of anger from years past about things I had NO control over. When is it time to let it go?


  1. I love all of these, but I especially agree with the doggy clothing line. My complaint is that they only make clothes for dogs that are 20 pounds and under, but it's difficult to find cute things for "fuller figured" my Husky. We could start up the "Lane Bryant" of doggie clothes..hahahaha!

  2. You list is awesome. My pug needs some cute clothes too.

    You can so write a book about your experience losing weight.

  3. i like your list, especially #19. that is on my to do list as well, except my focus is for dalmatians.

  4. Julie...LOVE you "Lane Bryant" for dogs...

    I've gotten the measuring tape out and will begin sewing soon (as soon as I can hold the lil guy down)! If the outfit turns out I'll let you all know so you can send me your dogs measurments...